Twitter To Launch Music Service Before April

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Since the wildly popular social networking site has recently acquired We Are Hunted, they soon plan on launching their own music service. We Are Hunted was a hipster-oriented music discovery service that allowed users to explore new sounds. Now the social media giant will use that service as the basis for their own foray into the music scene.

 Listening to Music photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Listening to Music photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Twitter is starting a new strategy that focuses on specific media products. Music seems a logical first choice, so they are launching an app for iOS devices. According to early reports, the service will include the ability to:

  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Listen to what they are listening to
  • Listen to their suggestions
  • Share recommendations
  • Have a personalized account

The personalized account will likely feature successful tropes from other popular Internet music providers. This means personalized radio stations, liking and disliking songs, and saving favorites.

The app will be powered by Soundcloud, the German music-sharing service giant. The We Are Hunted staff has been running tests as of late. These include #nowplaying tweets in order to make sure all connections are secure. They are trying to make sure that the “popular,” “suggestions” and “emerging artists” sections are running smoothly.

This stands to be an even bigger break for Twitter, since 7 out of 10 of the most followed celebrities are musicians. Top names are Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna; in that order.

When news originally broke, We Are Hunted’s site went down from the heavy influx of traffic. The company was founded in Australia in 2009 by Stephen Philips, Richard Slatter, and Michael Doherty. Today the team bases themselves out of San Francisco. They still boast a small team of less then 10 people. They work hard, scouring the web for talent, trends, and rising artists. It is difficult knowing about something before everyone else, but someone has to do it.

The team already has experience with performance on mobile devices, since that is where much of the strength of their service focused on before. However, this partnership with Twitter will still be a big change for them.

Said Philips: “2013 will be a big year for Hunted. We will either become one of the world’s most important music services, or we will disappear as a footnote in the long history of music startups. We are working on the next version of Hunted right now, and we are swinging for the fences.”

Twitter declined to comment. Or tweet.

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