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Have you taken the time to search for yourself online lately? What you find may alarm you, especially if you have ever crossed hairs with anyone or had a few disagreements. You might think to yourself that you’re just an average person and the way you are portrayed online does not matter. But, according to the team behind, reviews and other negative depictions of you online can have an impact on your real life, particularly on your professional life.

Losing Out on Job Opportunities

If you have ever had a job offer suddenly fall through for no specific reason, you have probably fallen victim to a poor online reputation. Employers do not solely rely on the references you provide or the resume you write anymore. After all, the references you give them were carefully vetted by you. Today’s employers want to see what you are like behind closed doors. And there are few better ways to do that than by perusing your social media profiles.

You might scoff and think that, by this point in time, everyone knows not to put embarrassing or incriminating information online. People might know not to do that, but they still post negative stuff. There are many well-known cases where people have gone to jail because of things they thoughtlessly posted online. Or, their friends put up incriminating photos or somehow linked their name to a negative situation. A potential employer can easily find things you did not realize were out there and give you the ax before you get the job offer.

Over the short term, missing out on the occasional job opportunity might not seem like such a big deal. There are a lot of jobs out there. But, the longer you spend out of work, the more difficult it becomes for you to find a new job. At that point, it’s no longer just your reputation online you need to think about. Potential employers will start to wonder why you haven’t landed a job yet, after searching for a year or even more. The longer you spend out of work, the more dire your financial health becomes.

Fixing Up Your Reputation

That’s why you need to be proactive about your online presence, point out the people behind Reviews of your online profile should clue you in as to what the big issues are. If you are a self employed person and your client base has dried up or has started to diminish, it might be due a poor review a disgruntled client left about you. If you are looking for a full-time job, that old social media profile leftover from college might be what is holding you back.

The method of cleaning up your online presence differs based on your particular situation, notes the team at Reviews cannot be removed, for example. But, you can create a healthy and positive online presence that drives the bad reviews further down in the search results. Build up your website to build up your client base, for example. Ask happy clients who value your work to give testimonials.

If your personal social media profiles are what brings you down, take the time to clean them up. Make your settings privates. Remove anything you wouldn’t show your mother, much less a potential employer. Think twice before posting anything, whether it is about you or your friends. reviews new ways for people to restore or reshape their online reputations on a regular basis. It’s a tough job market out there. You want to make sure everything is working in your favor, even the things that seem beyond your control.

Remember: Your financial stability depends on it.


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