Dotty’s NV: How Restaurants Can Build Millennial Loyalty


Restaurant owners move to create more welcoming experiences for millennial consumers. Millennials are known for their brand loyalty and restaurant owners hope to tap into that market.

The biggest attraction for millennials is centered on the experience that a restaurant offers. Millennials want to feel comfortable and engaged in the places that they frequent. Such pleasing experiences lead them to write reviews, share photos, or even just spread buzz by word of mouth. Dotty’s NV, a country-themed restaurant that offers a cozy environment, understands that consumers respond to a welcoming atmosphere.

Restaurant owners are looking to tap into millennials’ pockets and pull on their heartstrings. Advertising research companies have long studied the spending habits of the younger generations in hopes to get a better understanding of what fuels this demographic. Millennials make up an estimated 80 million citizens in the United States consisting of citizens who were born between 1980 and 2000.

Director of advertising sales research for the entertainment giant Viacom Media Networks says that the best way to reach the millennials attention is to simply show them that you hear what they’re saying.  Millennials are not afraid to share what they like about an experience and are even open to making suggestions to improve a restaurant.

Millennials are all about spreading the wealth. Once a younger person enjoys a restaurant experience, they will seek out various channels through which to share the experience. Although the positive Internet buzz can do wonders for a dwindling business, negative Internet buzz can also drive a brand into the ground in record time.

 Dining Out photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Dining Out photo courtesy of Shutterstock

A single poor consumer experience can yield entire websites that provoke others to organize business boycotts. Although every organization will have a dissatisfied customer at some point, how an organization chooses to handle the complaint can make or break them in an industry. Some brands have hired media managers and other employees whose major responsibilities are to handle customer complaints and keep their Internet presence as positive as possible.

Dotty’s NV, understands the importance of hiring a friendly staff that ultimately will respect the consumers. They also push their staff to be patient with patrons. When a consumer complains about a staff member, it can reflect poorly on the entire restaurant and can create a negative portrayal of even the best restaurant chains.

Consumers report that if a restaurant offers a complicated complaint process, it often creates a more hostile environment where the consumer doesn’t feel that they are valued. Building long-term brand loyalty calls for organizations to operate within the respectful boundaries that the consumers demand. Restaurants must remember that information-sharing capabilities have placed them in a position where their every move counts.

Dotty’s NV is country-kitchen inspired restaurant that offers its customers games like keno, reels, and video poker. Dotty’s has built brand loyalty by offering a clean, welcoming, and fun environment where customers are greeted by a friendly staff.

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