Home Alone: California Teen Sets Trap For Home Invaders

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One California teenager acted quickly when burglars entered her home, ending in their arrest. Fifteen-year-old Doyin Oladipupo was home alone when she heard the doorbell of the home ring, and then the family’s alarm system sound. Oladipupo stealthily took off her shoes so that the robbers would not hear her footsteps. She then tip-toed to the phone, grabbed it and hid in her parents’ closet.

  Burglar courtesy of Shutterstock

Burglar courtesy of Shutterstock

While in the closet, Oladipupo dialed 911. She stayed on the phone with the operator while quietly hiding behind a row of clothes. She could hear the burglars moving around and taking her family’s belongings downstairs. At one point, even the emergency operator could hear the robbers talking to one another. The dispatcher talked Oladipupo through her nerves, assuring her that police would be outside shortly.

Eventually, the room in which Oladipupo was hiding became the scene of the crime. She could see the three teenaged burglars through the crack in the doors as they put her mother’s belongings into a bag. Oladipupo later told reporters that she was afraid the robbers were able to see her as well. The 911 operator still communicated with Oladipupo, asking her questions to which she would reply by tapping on the phone receiver. The dispatcher emphasized to Oladipupo that police officers were waiting just outside the home. As long as the young girl remained silent and calm, all would be okay. When the burglars were satisfied with their findings, they simply walked out of the family’s home. Feeling as though they had gotten away with the crime, they were not expecting a swarm of police officers to intercept them in the driveway. The three surprised teenagers were arrested on the spot.

Doyin Oladipupo, a 15-year-old hero, is now receiving much praise for her bravery. Her actions were described by police officers and the 911 dispatcher as heroic and calm. She was able to keep her cool through a very scary time, something many adults would not be able to do. Oladipupo’s mother could not keep her pride from showing when explaining the incident to reporters. She said that she could not believe her young daughter’s “inner strength” and was in “awe of her.” The young girl’s courage is capturing the attention of media outlets everywhere. Her story is similar to a real life “Home Alone” film. Thankfully, like the movie, Oladipupo’s story has a happy ending.

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