‘Temple Run 2’ Update Revives Broken Popular Mobile Game

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Anyone with a smartphone was captivated by the original “Temple Run” when it launched in 2011 on the iPhone and in early 2012 for those running Android. The game was simple: run as far as possible without falling and grab coins along the way. When developer Imangi Studios launched a sequel early in 2013, people went crazy for the game and downloaded it at rates similar to “Angry Birds.” There was just one problem, though: it was far from perfect.

  Gaming photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Gaming photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Thankfully, a new update seems to address all of that, making the game one of the best ways to kill time on a smartphone again. At first, “Temple Run 2” was laggy, especially on older devices. Additionally, the game was not created with previous players in mind. Though it offered some new challenges including twisting paths and a minecart section, the game was essentially the same and did not include much of a learning curve for players who dominated the first one. This meant that the objectives that were created to level players up were entirely too easy for much of the fan base. Not only that, but once players quickly got to higher levels, they were left with daunting cumulative goals such as running 10 million meters and collecting one million coins.

One of the most frustrating issues, though, was the fact that the stats were not being kept correctly. This meant that some of the objectives would freeze. While some players would see progression toward collecting one million coins, their objective to collect 500,000 was frozen in place. This left many gamers to simply put the phones down and wait.

The developers came through big time, though they took their time in releasing the much-needed update. Objectives were fixed and players were even credited with the progression they should have earned the first time around. Also, new daily and weekly objectives were added to give players a new reason to play the game every single day. Another issue that many players griped about, but was not a huge problem, per se, was the issue of powerups. If a player was already using a powerup, collecting the same powerup did nothing. Now, the powerup is reset to its full time length.

Now, because of the changes, “Temple Run 2” remains one of the most popular games on both the iOS and Android platforms. The issue of large, cumulative objectives is still there, but at least the daily and weekly goals give people new incentive to waste their minutes and hours running as far as they can on their phones.

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