Does Kanye West Believe He’s God?

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When the rumor mill flooded on Tuesday with reports about Kanye West’s new album being titled either “I Am God” or “I Am A God,” the press had a field day. I, however, was reminded of another day, the 1993 film, “Groundhog Day.” And no, it wasn’t because we wake up every day to the repetitive nature of over-the-top Kanye-related rumors in the media. It reminded me of the scene where Bill Murray is attempting to explain his unusual immortality to Andie Macdowell’s character. Murray specifies, “I’m a God. I’m not the God.”

Tuesday morning, a gossip-related BBC News Magazine column mentioned that West is considering the title “I Am God” for his follow-up album to his critically acclaimed “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” The same column

 Kanye West photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Kanye West photo courtesy of Shutterstock

provided the rumor that West and Kim Kardashian are considering the name “North” for their child. This would cleverly make the child’s name sound like one of the four ordinal directions, North West. The last set of rumors we heard about West’s upcoming album also came from the BBC News Magazine column when they released that West was considering the names “Rich Black American” and “Black American Psycho.”

Later that Tuesday, The Huffington Post reported that the rumored title was for a single, not an album. They also corrected that the title would be “I Am a God,” not “I Am God.” The unnamed source from The Huffington Post claimed that they were close to West and that he would never be sacrilegious enough to call himself a supreme being. Obviously, this source is unfamiliar with West’s Rolling Stone cover photo shoot where he dressed himself as Jesus. The source went on to say that the title is in reference to a scripture from the bible, Psalm 82. The passage said that we are all gods because we’re children of god, although we will still die like men.

Following this confirmation, some media sites took down their articles that ran with those BBC News Magazine column rumors. But most of the press let their articles be, and who could blame them? In West’s collaborative mixtape with artists from his music label, G.O.O.D. Music, there’s a track titled, “New God Flow.” And that was just released this summer.

There’s still no release date for West’s new album, however during a concert in February 2013, he confirmed that he was working on his sixth studio album and that it would be released in the next few months.

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