Nine Ways To Reuse Jelly Beans

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Easter is full of sticky peeps, cream-filled eggs and colorful jelly beans. There are several fun and funky uses for leftover jelly beans, as these tasty treats can serve as something other than enjoyment for your taste buds.

In A Flower Arrangement

Jelly beans are the perfect addition to clear vases. The jelly beans will make those vibrantly colored Spring flowers pop. Keep the vase clear and free of extra flair in order to keep the focus on the flower and jelly beans.

 Jelly Beans photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Jelly Beans photo courtesy of Shutterstock


Make jelly bean trees into a centerpiece. Go to your local craft store and look for fun, funky pieces of foam or any other creative piece you could apply jelly beans to.

Spring Cupcakes

After the cupcakes have cooled, frost and apply jelly beans. Make fun flower designs with one specific color or create a new type of flower with several different colors.

Ice Cream

If you have an ice cream maker, adding jelly beans will not only enhance the flavor, but also make for fun additions to regular flavors. Adding jelly beans to vanilla will allow you to create your own flavor of ice cream, like perhaps Strawberry Lemon Vanilla Ice Cream.


Inside of a clear jar for a candle, toss in some jelly beans. Whether you want a trendy, energetic theme or prefer to stick to one color of jelly beans, this will add style to your normal candleholders. Mix and match candles in correlation with the colors of the jelly beans.

Marshmallow Surprise Treats

After making Rice Krispy Treats, shape them into balls and make a hole in the center. Add one or two jellybeans and shape them into eggs.

Jelly bean Cocktail

Whip up your favorite cocktail and have a corresponding color jelly bean sitting at the bottom of the drink for a post-drink treat. For kids, create new, imaginative drinks with sparkling lemonade or italian soda. You can also crush the jelly bean and dip the rim of a glass into the sweet dust.

Monogram Wreath

Glue jelly beans onto a large wooden letter in the shape of your first or last name. Choose your favorite color or use all different colors for a unique monogrammed wreath. Make several different ones for separate occasions or give them to friends as a spring gift.

Jelly bean Bracelets

Using a needle and stretchy elastic, carefully thread through jelly beans to make unique bracelets. This is a great favor or idea for a party, as the guests are able to decide what they want their specific bracelet to look like and take it home with them.

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