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Jeff Bartel is a travel agent who owns and operates A Global Perspective Travel Agency. Each day, Jeff helps voyagers plan the perfect golf outing, corporate retreat, destination wedding, family vacation, or cruise. Now, Jeff is issuing comment on some new pieces of technology that can help to make the travel process easier for everyone.

The days of bringing bulky maps or folders full of travel documents are long over, according to analyst Peter Yesawich of MMGY Global. Yesawich recently conducted a survey of frequent travelers, and found that more than half of the Americans interviewed, all from households with income of more than $50,000, brought smartphones with them during their journey. In fact, 21 percent of these individuals brought multiple devices along for the ride. Yesawich states that this means that the so-called “digital elite” sector of America is steadily growing. Because of this increase in technological-dependency, new travel-related apps are becoming more popular. These pieces of technology help to streamline a person’s vacation.

Just like in many other facets of life, there are apps for virtually every part of the vacation process. For booking, an individual can rely on technology from sites such as TripAdivsor, Priceline,, and Kayak. These giants offer free smartphone apps, as well as mobile-enabled websites. The HotelTonight app is home to heavily discounted rooms that are available that night, though a person must wait until noon to be able to use it.

Other, more niche apps include Airbnb and Couchsurfing, which allow a user to rent rooms in people’s homes. While useful and cost-effective, these apps require communication from one person to another, thus meaning that they often take several days to get plans put into place.

Many airlines also offer ways to use a cell phone to check in to a flight. These features also allow a passenger to access a mobile boarding pass, manage their baggage, and view their mileage account. Elite flyers can even use the technology to monitor the upgrade list. Other such apps include FlightTrack, which illustrates when flights are coming in; Next Flight shows all of the flights that are available that day. This comes in handy when delays hit, or a traveler is hoping to get home earlier.

Jeff Bartel speaks out about these advances stating, “There’s never really been a better time to travel. A person can now use technology found right on their phone to streamline a process which was once complicated and tiring. These apps make all parts of the travel process easier, from finding a flight to getting settled at the airport.”

For those who want to avoid carrying various pieces of paper with them as they go, TripIt will become a popular download. This app keeps all of a person’s travel plans in one place. Upon receiving a confirmation e-mail for a flight or hotel, the user simply forwards it to the company, which then organizes it on the account. This is especially useful for frequent travelers, large parties, or those embarking on trips overseas.

For miscellaneous needs, such as keeping track of sunrise and sunset times in a particular vacation spot, Daylight is useful. Night Sky is an astronomy app that young vacationers will enjoy, while Tides is helpful for those trying to enjoy the ocean.

When it comes to keeping in touch, technology makes it possible to stay connected with those at home even during a vacation thousands of miles away. Apps such as Skype and FaceTime make it cheap and easy to keep loved ones up-to-date with the details of the journey. No more long distance fees or crackly hotel room phone connections.

Jeff Bartel states, “There truly is an app for every part of a traveler’s journey. These technological advances are both practical and enjoyable, as they help to enhance a person’s vacation. The best part is that many of them are free, making it easier than ever to take advantage of them.”

For those who are able to get to their destination fine but are worried about happenings at home as they vacation, there are a series of mobile apps that help with paying bills or finding low prices during a trip. They allow a user to check their bank account, transfer funds, and even track gasoline prices nearby. Jeff Bartel explains that these features are especially useful for large families who are trying to make the most out of the budget they have set for their excursion.



Jeff Bartel is a travel agent who founded A Global Perspective Travel Agency. After 12 years in the business, Jeff has formed valuable relationships with the world’s best golf courses, hotels, resorts, spas, and airlines, thus enabling his clients to score deals and enjoy perks as they travel. Jeff works with corporate clients, individuals, families, newlyweds and young people to help them plan the vacation of their dreams.


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