Troy Reddell Advises on Surviving Long Flights



People take many approaches to how they will last on long flights. The definition of a long flight depends on the person, but it usually means an international flight that lasts for more than 10 hours. An article on said the best tip for surviving long flights is to be as comfortable as possible. Longtime international traveler Troy Reddell has a few tips of his own when it comes to making it through long flights.

Troy Reddell says the first tip is to get upgraded seats. This might seem obvious, but some people will choose to save the money over the added comfort. When flying for more than 10 hours, though, some extra leg space can go a long way. Plus, there are fewer people to a row, which means bigger seats and extra room when trying to get comfortable for a nap. Food and service is also generally better when sitting in first class, making the experience much more enjoyable all around. If upgrading to first class is not an option, make sure to get either a window seat to lean against while sleeping or an aisle seat so legs can stretch out. Requesting a bulkhead seat in this scenario might be the best option.

Someone who has never used a neck pillow or an eye cover on a flight is also missing out, Troy Reddell says. With the combination of the two, a nap can happen whenever the passenger wants it to. Even if the lights in the cabin are still on, sleeping is no problem with these aids. Add a pair of headphones and an MP3 player full of music, white noise or an audio book and that 10-hour flight could feel like nothing. Also, wear comfortable and loosely fitting clothes and shoes. This will not only make it easier to sit for a long period of time, it will also help when going through security.

Do not go into a flight expecting to get solid sleep, though. People who run around and perform errands before a flight and figure they’ll catch up on sleep can wind up even more jet-lagged than someone who is well rested and got solid sleep the night before the flight. In fact, it’s healthier not to sleep too solidly through the flight, since people who fly very often could be prone to blood clots. Walking around every few hours can help prevent these.


As an Australian, Troy Reddell has had a lot of experience about long international flights.


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