South Korea Announces That They Will Not Hesitate To Attack North Korea

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South Korea has officially announced that they will not hesitate to strike back with both speed and power if North Korea launches an attack on their country. This announcement comes only a few days following North Korea’s announcement in Pyongyang that they had entered a “state of war” with the neighboring country.

South Korean president Park Geun-hye told senior military officials that if there is any sensed provocation against their country or people that they will respond with overwhelming initial combat, without any political consideration. Park said that she trusts the military to make reasonable judgments in response to any sudden and unexpected advances from the North Korean military.

 North Korea vs. South Korea photo courtesy of Shutterstock

North Korea vs. South Korea photo courtesy of Shutterstock

This is all in response to North Korea’s announcement last week in which they threatened to attack South Korea and its ally, the United States. This announcement came from the capital, Pyongyang, after becoming frustrated with South Korea and United States running defense drills in response to North Korea’s last threat.

An unnamed United States military commander in South Korea announced that North Korea will accomplish absolutely nothing by threatening the two countries. He continued to say that North Korea is only disrupting the military’s goal to maintain worldwide peace.

Last week, the United States sent an additional two F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jets to South Korea from their base in Japan to take part in the South Korean defense drills. Last week, the United States ordered a drill for two US B-2 stealth bombers to take part in a dummy bombing of an unhabituated island in South Korea. This was meant as a warning to North Korea, but it only ended up infuriating Kim Jong-un.

Officials in Washington DC are almost positive that the North is not capable of mounting nuclear warheads on missiles, and if they did, they don’t have the technology to build missiles to reach as far as the United States mainland.

But why would the 30-year-old leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, repetitively make threats that he cannot follow through with? Officials have said that the almost incoherent babbling from Kim Jong-un is his attempt to solidify his position of power in North Korea. He’s also attempting to bully the United States into giving North Korea aid and political concession.

The United States has been running drills in South Korea, not only because it’s the closest country to North Korea, but because it might be the first place under attack. After all, North and South Korea’s war ended in armistice, not a peace treaty.

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