5 Things You Need To Stop Posting On Facebook

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Facebook has quickly changed the way we tell our friends and family about our lives, but some users fall into a cycle of habitual over-sharing. If you find yourself rushing to upload a picture or change your status every time something in your life changes, you may be abusing your Facebook privileges and it’s time to stop. Consider these annoying types of Facebook posts:

“I’m in the hospital…”

While your friends and family love to know what’s going on in your life, short phrases like this seem like you’re simply looking for attention. If you’re going to tell your social network that something serious is going on in your life, tell the full story or at least enough to keep people from panicking. The people who care about you will be quick to ask questions and you can cause them unnecessary worry simply because you chose not to finish your sentence. Keep in mind that the point of social networking is to provide information, not to cause hysteria.

“643 days until my wedding!”

If you’re going to do a countdown on Facebook, it needs to be carefully constructed. Your friends and family are excited for your wedding, but we find our excitement lagging after being reminded about it so many times. Feel free to help your social network feel involved in your future plans but be careful not to wear it out with unreasonable countdowns. Exciting moments in life are more exciting when they aren’t rubbed in our faces.

“Like this if you care, ignore if you don’t.”

If you’re tired of finding yourself guilted into “liking” certain links because of your friends’ posts, don’t do the same to others. You have the power to stop the annoying cycle. Puppies, babies, or religious icons can still be a significant part of your life if you choose not to “like” photos of them on Facebook. If you’re truly concerned that people will think you’re cold and heartless because you didn’t share something, then your social network doesn’t sound like much fun.

“Here are my pregnancy symptoms from the last 30 minutes!”

We cannot wait for your bundle of joy to arrive but until then, choose your status updates more carefully. Inundating your social network with every hiccup or craving along your pregnancy journey can become extremely annoying. Your pregnancy posts will mean more if they are used more sparingly. Carefully choose which pregnancy moments you wish to share with your friends and family.

“Life sucks, woe is me, I hate everyone.”

Unfortunately, you’re human like the rest of us and from time to time, life can get hard. If you run to update your Facebook status every time you have a hard day or a stressful situation, you may be pushing away the people who really care for you. It’s much more positive to ask your social network for encouragement or advice than to spend time complaining.

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