Miranda Kerr: A Fallen Angel?


Miranda Kerr will not be renewing her 3-year, $1 million contract with lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret. The initial report of her departure, released by Us Weekly, stated that Victoria’s Secret opted not to renew Kerr’s contract because the model had simply become too difficult to work with, but Kerr insists that wasn’t the case. Kerr wasn’t selling as much lingerie as other top models at the brand, which also illuminates her departure.

Did Kerr, the 30-year-old wife of actor Orlando Bloom, become too threatening to remain an angel?  The iconic lingerie retailer insists that they promote models to angels based on customer reactions to them; in other words, they measure which models sell the most product to women, and therefore which models the average American woman likes the most. Angels are forbidden from posing for photo shoots in male magazines, but are often seen photographed with their families; VS purposely markets them to prevent them from seeming threatening to women’s femininity. That explains the company’s very public rejection of bombshell Kate Upton.

Kerr appears to have suffered a similar rejection: she simply became too sexy to be an angel, as absurd as that may seem. Regardless, Kerr graciously told reporters that she was certain none of her co-workers considered her difficult to be around. Rather, her schedule had grown too full to permit the angel schedule, which requires a minimum of three months’ commitment. Kerr’s schedule currently remains quite full:  she is a spokesperson for Mango, KORA Organics, Qantas, Clear Hair & Scalp Therapy, Samantha Thavasa, and Reebok. She is also a published author, with a second book due out later this year. Her first book, Treasure Yourself, was an inspirational self-esteem tool directed towards young women.

The loss of the Victoria’s Secret Contract probably won’t hurt Kerr; she’s currently among the top-10 highest paid models in the world. That seems to be a pattern; six of the top ten wealthiest models currently working have all been employed by Victoria’s Secret. Being an angel provides a significant boost to a young model’s career, giving them increased visibility around the globe.

Kerr grew up in Australia—she was the first Australian angel. Before she joined Victoria’s Secret as Gisele Bundchen’s replacement, she modeled for Maybelline and worked high-fashion runway shows. Kerr has done charitable work with Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, and even appeared naked and chained to a tree in an Australian edition of “Rolling Stone” to raise awareness for endangered koalas. Kerr is also a Buddhist who strongly feels a responsibility to bring “peace and harmony” to the world around her. She and actor Bloom married in 2010.

Despite her lapsed contract, Kerr will still be walking in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. That might be an accomplishment in itself—at 30, Kerr is already at the age at which most models choose to retire.

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