EIndianHAIR Supports New “Black Hair 101” Video, Discusses Social and Cultural Importance Behind African-American Hair Styles


As a leading provider of real virgin Indian hair weaves, EIndianHAIR understands just how complicated the subject of “black hair” can be. Not only is this cultural topic something that many African-American women must learn and master, but it is one that fascinates those outside the culture. As such, the popular lack of understand regarding black hair care, weaves, extensions and other related topics can often verge on offensive to those within the African-American community. Fortunately, according to a recent article from The Huffington Post journalist Melissa Harris-Perry released a short “Black Hair 101” PSA on her MSNBC show in order to inform the public about what is really going on with this unique niche of the hair care market.

EIndianHAIRWhile working in humor into her performance, Harris-Perry was able to cover a wide variety of black hair care topics that EIndianHAIR believes every individual should check out. In the PSA, Perry covers everything from dreadlocks to the difference between weaves and extensions. However, aside from hair care, the political journalist also addresses some of the cultural matters behind the subject—many of which she believes the public could take direction from.

EIndianHAIR responds in a press statement, “The Melissa Harris-Perry show has done a great job at looking at this—often sensitive—topic and making it approachable from all angles. While the ‘Black Hair 101’ video is only four-minutes long, we encourage all our consumers to take a look; even if they already are aware of all the topics, it can provide a great laugh to those who have experienced the cultural problems addressed in the video. However, we believe that the attention on this subject, which is growing in popularity, carries a much deeper importance in terms of culture. Videos and discussions, such as that of Perry’s, will not only inform people about hair care management, but they can also promote cross-cultural understanding and allow African-American women to feel more empowered about the societal significance behind their hair.”

On the subject of hair and the culture behind it, another recent article and discussion highlighted by The Huffington Post delves into the deeper issues behind what hairstyle can mean for both African-American men and women. The article suggests that black hair and the many styles that it offers is a great way for African Americans to get in touch with their roots in heritage.  For instance, in The Huffington Post discussion, Coltrane Curtis, the CEO at Team Epiphany explains why he has chosen to keep his dreadlocks, despite the standard business-image stereotype. He states, “My pops was like I’m not having a little black boy that doesn’t know his history and probably the best way for you to learn it is have dreads.”

Ghana native Zandie Blay, blogger and founder of African Style Daily, also tells The Huffington Post, “You’re not loving your soul if you have to sort of press it, burn it, braid it. There is a lack of acceptance of who you are at your core and your physicality, when you beat your hair under constant submission.”

When such cultural, personal and hygienic issues come together, it can prove difficult for African-American consumers to respect their hair and present their style in a way that is true to them, while also remaining affordable. “Every hairstyle is unique and represents the individual who carries it. It is for this reason that our company is committed to delivering high-quality real virgin Indian hair weaves that can allow women to experiment with their looks, customize them and come to find the perfect hairstyle,” EIndianHAIR concludes in its press statement.


EIndianHAIR offers thick and beautiful Indian remy hair that many women consumers seek out on a regular basis. However, EIndian separates itself from competitors by not only offering high-quality real virgin hair, but by also making these products available at affordable prices. Customers can enjoy a wide variety of textures and colors among a wide variety of Indian hair weaves that can be clipped-in or woven. Hair extensions from this quality hairstyle company are not only easy for consumers to apply, but they are also noted to last for months. In addition, while many customers are satisfied with the products as-is, these real virgin Indian hair weaves are easily customizable for a more personalized look. For a low price, women can rely on this provider to resolve a wide variety of hair troubles by adding instant length, volume and versatility to their hairstyle.


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