Sam Mustafa: 5 Tips On How To Make The World’s Best Barbeque Ribs

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Barbeque is an art and restaurateur Sam Mustafa, owner of Queology in Charleston, SC is a master. Mustafa’s world famous barbeque team from Queology has won numerous awards in the Southern Barbeque Network (SBN) and he won’t be giving away any of their proprietary secrets here. To taste the difference you will need to sit down at his beautiful restaurant and order a pair of short ribs with corn on the cob, some smoked turkey, or their famous pulled pork. “There are thousands of ways to barbecue,” Mustafa said. “But some basic principles that will help you make whatever your barbecue taste fantastic.” These are five helpful tips on how you can make the world’s best homemade barbeque ribs.

Choose your meat carefully. The best ribs are always made by using the highest quality meat. Pigs that are raised ethically in a clean environment make the best barbeque. It’s an ethical decisions, but also ensures the meat tastes right. Choose organic locally raised pork and wow your friends and family with great tasting barbeque ribs that are healthy to boot. Locally raised meat supports your local economy and creates an awareness of where food comes from by forming relationships with those people who grow and raise our food. Animals that are raised conscientiously and butchered in a humane way have more tender and tasty meat as well.

It is also important to determine what type of ribs you want to make. For grilling, nothing beats baby back ribs for their lean consistency and delicious taste. Country style ribs often have too much fat to make an elegant rack of ribs, and are better prepared in a slow-cooker. Beef ribs are large and often don’t have the delicate flavor of pork, so for the best ribs around, you can’t do better than some baby back ribs.

Parboil, then grill or broil. One helpful tip in how to make the world’s best barbeque ribs is to first parboil the rack of ribs. Once the meat is tender, you can then apply a spice rub or begin basting as you finish the ribs on a grill (preferably) or under the broiler to get them crispy. This technique not only helps to keep the ribs moist, but it also cooks out some of the fat, which makes the ribs leaner, healthier, and more delicious in the end.

Grill with natural wood smoke. While you can broil a rack of ribs, the most tender and tasty ribs come from using a real grill and adding flavorful wood chips like alder or hickory to give the meat a natural smoky flavor. The smoke also helps to cook the meat more quickly and results in a tastier, more tender rack of ribs. Grilling with wood chips is a fun outdoor activity that can include a group of friends or the whole family. Don’t forget the cold drinks!

Use a flavor-packed rub or baste. One way to keep ribs moist and lock in the flavor is to use a spice rub or liquid baste, or both. Herbs like garlic, onion, mustard, cayenne, paprika, and savory can be rubbed on the ribs after they are parboiled, along with some brown sugar and salt. As the ribs cook, they can be basted frequently with a homemade barbeque sauce which incorporates more herbs, spices, brown sugar, onions, and tomato.  Basting over the initial spice rub will seal in its flavors and keep the ribs moist and delicious until they are fully cooked on the grill. Learn from an expert like Sam Mustafa and the chefs at Queology and pack your barbeque full of flavorful and delicious herbs and spices.

Finish with a nice thick coat of sauce. One secret to making the world’s best barbeque ribs is using lots of sauce. Make sure there is a delicious thick glaze of sauce on the ribs when you are ready to serve. Also provide some extra warm sauce for dipping the meat as it falls off the bones in the hands of your friends and family. A little extra sauce goes a long way, there’s nothing worse than a dry rack of ribs.

The art of barbeque is not lost on the patrons of barbeque joints like Queology. Chefs at Queology offer “a balanced, signature flavor of savory, sweet & smoky that folks can’t resist.” They “have over 25 years of experience serving moist and tender meat… like candy for the meat-lovers!” While restaurants and their owners like Sam Mustafa have to keep their house secrets safe for competitions, these five tips for making the world’s best barbeque ribs will probably still impress your friends and family. The worst you can do is give it a shot, at least grilling has a fun social upshot and barbeque skills can always be honed over years of practice.

Sam Mustafa is a man who knows how to please his diners with barbeque. Queology has won numerous awards in a whole host of Southern Barbeque Network contests including First Runner-up Southern Barbeque Team of the Year and the “Southern Flame Food Fest” Grand Champion. Queology will be competing in the first SBN barbeque contest of the year, the “Smokin at the Farmers Market Commissioner’s Cup” BBQ Cook Off and Festival this weekend March 22 and 23, 2013 in West Columbia, SC. Coming up, they will also be competing in the “Smoke at the Lodge” 10th Annual BBQ Competition April 5 and 6, 2013.

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Sam Mustafa, owner of the world famous barbeque joint Queology, encourages the at-home barbeque chef in all of us to try these tips. He also invites his patrons to come out for the best barbeque in town when they don’t feel like doing the grilling.  


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