Surprisingly, the Catalyst for Most Medical Malpractice Suits Isn’t Surgical, Chad Boonswang Explains

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Chad Boonswang, a noted attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, represents clients who are involved in medical malpractice cases at his firm, Boonswang Law. Medical malpractice is a practice area that many individuals believe is characterized by surgical errors and inaccurate administration and prescription of pharmaceuticals, but a recent article published by The Huffington Post sheds light on the somewhat surprising fact that diagnostic errors are actually the most common catalysts of these cases. This report has shocked many individuals, as the general population often assumes that the more technical side of the medical industry, such as that associated with surgery and pharmaceuticals, is at higher risk for error. Boonswang encourages individuals to keep this fact in mind, as it can play an important role in any medical malpractice suits that they may become involved in. The legal professional also urges individuals to seek the assistance of a qualified, experienced attorney should they face a medical malpractice case.

The article explains: “When you think of medical malpractice, you might be inclined to think that most claims involve surgical or medication mistakes. But a new study in the journal BMJ Quality and Safety shows that for the past 25 years in the United States, diagnostic errors—meaning a diagnosis was somehow missed, or delayed—trumped these two categories in terms of patient harm, number of claims and penalty payouts.”

Dr. David Newman-Toker, who was a researcher on the study, asserts that “Overall, diagnostic errors have been underappreciated and under-recognized because they’re difficult to measure and keep track of owing to the frequent gap between the time the error occurs and when it’s detected. These are frequent problems that have played second fiddle to medical and surgical errors, which are evidently more immediate.”

Ultimately, researchers believe that between 80,000 and 160,000 individuals in the country have been negatively impacted by errors regarding a diagnosis. Chad Boonswang believes that this is simply too staggering a number and that the healthcare industry has a responsibility to protect patients from such issues.

“Medical professionals undergo extensive training so that they can best care for their patients,” asserts Boonswang. “Unfortunately, people make mistakes and these mistakes, when they take place in the healthcare field, can cause great damage to the lives of patients. From lasting injury to death, medical malpractice is an issue that can create very real consequences for the individuals who suffer from diagnostic errors and other mistakes. I highly recommend that doctors take the time to give each patient the care and attention necessary to provide the highest quality—and accuracy—of treatment possible. Mistakes will happen, it is only natural for people to make errors, and patients should not hesitate to hire a medical malpractice attorney if they have been negatively impacted by an error made by a healthcare professional.”

Boonswang goes on to explain that individuals should consult with attorneys with whom they are considering working before they choose the lawyer who will take on their case. When picking the right legal professional, he urges individuals to think about not only the education and training of the attorneys they are considering, but also the track record that these individuals have built within the medical malpractice area, as well as their confidence in the individual case. It is crucial, he notes, that a legal professional is certain in their ability to best represent a case and that, should they not believe that they are the right professional for the job, they should certainly convey that to potential clients. Ultimately, the medical malpractice area of the legal field is one that requires professionals to leverage their understanding of the healthcare field, their experience in this practice area and their knowledge of the laws regarding the medical industry in order to effectively represent the cases of clients who are fighting against a malpractice situation.

Facing a medical malpractice suit alone is extremely dangerous, as individuals will not have the ability to call upon the experience and insight that a qualified legal representative can provide. For this reason, it is important that anyone who has experienced negative side effects from the actions of a healthcare professional reach out to the right attorney. Chad Boonswang encourages individuals who believe they may have a medical malpractice case to contact a trusted, experienced and qualified legal representative as soon as possible.



Chad Boonswang is the founder of Boonswang Law, which is a legal firm that specializes in providing clients with representation and guidance regarding denied and delayed insurance claims, personal injury cases, product liability, catastrophic injury cases and medical malpractice. Boonswang holds a bachelor of arts in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and a juris doctor from Villanova University School of Law. In addition to his legal practice, Boonswang is interested in golf, traveling and supporting the artistic community within Philadelphia, including the local orchestra, ballet and museum. 


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