Doped-Out “Pregnant” Star Faces Jail Time

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abraham.evans_.4_opinuns.42013Teen Mom has definitely stirred the controversial pot when it comes to reality television shows. But to top it off Jenelle Evans, who was considered the star of Teen Mom 2, now faces charges and possibly jail time. The teen star was found in possession of heroin and was also charged with assault on none other than her husband Courtland Rogers.

Jenelle Evans’ lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, made comments regarding her arraignment and bond settings in interviews with several news organizations the day after her arrest. To sum up what his comments were, he spoke to press regarding the moment she was brought into the court room donning attire that resembled street wear rather than jail rags. He also mentions that two different bonds were set for Evans, one for simple assault and the other for possession of heroin, both at $10,000. Her sobs and cries were heard across the courtroom throughout the arraignment.

Like many assaults, cops were contacted and responded to 21 year old Evans’ home when a domestic dispute call was made. The Teen Mom star resides in Brunswick, North Carolina where this dispute allegedly took place. Much to the responding officers’ surprise, instead of finding a dispute among two individuals, police found drug paraphernalia and several bindles of heroin along with other illegal substances.

Not only does Evans face charges on the drug counts but also multiple assault charges for striking her husband Rogers during a heated argument. Pieces of furniture and other items around the home were allegedly used in the striking. Due to the continued violence reported by Rogers, the court placed a non-communication order that forbids contact.

The judge decreed that the non-communication order will stay valid until the couple can resolve their issues. Upon violation from either party, Rogers or Evans, the guilty party could potentially face up to 30 days in jail. As the couple has a history of brawling through Tweets, the order also forbids Evans and Rogers from communicating through social networking.

Although Evans’ is being held on charges of assault on Rogers, the two battled it in reverse recently with five charges against Rogers brought on by Evans. Denying the claims that he ever assaulted his wife, Rogers was still taken into custody and will be arraigned.

May 14th and June 3rd are the dates Evans has been assigned for her case to be heard, the first case regarding the drug charges and the other around the assault charges. Both will be heard in the Brunswick County District Court. Her lawyer spoke against communication between the husband and wife and stated that if they were to communicate they would face the consequences.

Talk of divorce came from Sullivan, Evans’ lawyer. Although it has not been discussed, it would be difficult for the two to come to the terms of a divorce through non-communication routes without violating the judge’s order. Sullivan later cited a North Carolina law which requires one full year of separation before a couple can file for a legal divorce.

Other resources say that Evans is in fact planning to file divorce papers. The toxic relationship became a marriage in December of 2012.  The two had dated only a few months before tying the knot. This past February, Evans claimed that Rogers had cheated on her resulting in Evans wanting to end the marriage.

Apparently Evans has threatened to leave Rogers several times before with no intent nor action behind the threats. Sources relate that the two do not have any personal assets together making the divorce a clean cut one.  On the other hand, the legal term for separation of one year must be met before any divorce papers can be properly filed.

Rogers has adjusted well to jail life and the rumors of Evans filing for divorce. Friends of Rogers explain that he is doing what he can to survive his jail time until his case is heard. The 27 year old was moved to a new cell with another inmate.

Not only has Jenelle Evans reputation taken a hit from her wrong doings in the past, but there is also talk of the end of Teen Mom. MTV has not acknowledged the suspicions, but unknown sources have leaked information stating that MTV will not protect the image that Evans is trying to portray with drugs, partying, divorce, and assault. Teen Mom and MTV’s goal for the show was to depict the hardships of young mothers who are trying to do right by their children, not how to be an undesirable mother who spends her child’s best years behind bars.

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