Are You Ready For a Family Vacation? Spills Secrets To Cost-Effective Preparation

Parenting, Politics, Travel is an online, member-based retailer that provides its community with access to a rewards program. As such, the organization is constantly looking for new ways to help members maximize the value of the items that they purchase on the World Wide Web. With summer quickly approaching, numerous families are planning to take vacations and are looking for ways to fit their getaways into their budgets. Here, the company’s representative, Greg Bielawski, explains how parents can call upon online shopping opportunities to purchase the items they need without going over budget.

Many online shopping organizations offer reward programs, and the value of these programs often rests in how points are accumulated. An article posted by Time explains: “Both credit as well as an increasing number of debit cards now offer merchant-funded rewards program[s]. Check whether any of your cards have an online merchant mall [...] Go to the retailer’s website via the card’s online portal and get a discount. Some programs give you a statement credit rather than money back at checkout, but money is money.”

Bielawski asserts that this is wonderful advice, but explains how his company takes this a bit further to provide members with the rewards they want: “We have a Rewards Mall with over 80,000 products listed, which our members can access to purchase a lot of the things that are on their summer vacation list. We have entertainment, clothing, and more—meaning that our members are able to conveniently locate and quickly buy the products they need to enjoy their summer vacation. The best part, though, is that we allow them to collect Reward Points on purchases made at the gas station and the grocery store, through a registered debit card. So members can accumulate points on other purchases—ones that they will make regardless of their membership in our community—and then they can redeem these points on products in our Rewards Mall.”

Bielawski points to simplicity as one of the reasons why many members value this online shopping community, as it allows them to easily choose and purchase the items they need from the comfort of their own home. But the ability to redeem gas and grocery receipts for rewards is another benefit of the program, as they are not limited to accumulating points on purchases made in the Rewards Mall.

In addition to checking out this online shopping community, Bielawski has provided some other tips for families who are looking to more efficiently and cost-effectively plan for their summer vacation. “ is a great place to start when shopping for summer getaways, as we offer such a great rewards program and a wonderful selection of products,” Bielawski states. “But there are other things that parents can do to ensure that their families are ready to enjoy their vacations to the fullest.”

First, Bielawski encourages parents to look over their plans and determine any travel items that they may need. If they will be traveling for several hours by plane or car, it is a good idea to ensure that kids have some form of entertainment to keep them occupied. Tablets and portable video gaming devices are highly popular, as are portable DVD players and MP3 players. Additionally, depending upon the type of transportation families are using, they may bring along card games to encourage family bonding while keeping the kids entertained.

The destination to which families are traveling can also have an impact on the kind of products that parents need to buy before heading out on vacation. For example, those who are opting for a beach getaway might want to invest in beach toys if they have younger kids. Additionally, new swimsuits, sunglasses, hats, and beach towels are wonderful items to purchase ahead of time. For families who are opting for a vacation in the mountains, parents will most likely want to procure jeans, pants, light jackets, hiking boots, and other forms of apparel for the trip.

Most families have a long list of activities that they are looking forward to engaging in once they get to their destination. But no matter how much they are going to be out and about there is certain to be some downtime. Whether kids are staying in a hotel room on the coast or in a cabin by a lake, they will need some form of entertainment. The tablets and video game systems that they bring along for the ride are wonderful, but they may quickly bore of these items. For this reason, parents can bring along board games, movies, and traditional video game consoles to keep kids happy while everyone rests before the next excursion.

Planning for a family vacation is not always easy, particularly for larger families. But the Internet and the online shopping options that it has to offer are fantastic resources for parents who are looking to purchase all the items they need for their getaway without overspending. By joining an online shopping community like, individuals can maximize their savings and procure the items they need at a better value. Additionally, the online catalogues of such retailers are diverse enough to allow individuals to buy a wide range of items in one location, which will save them time. encourages families to utilize the World Wide Web when preparing for their summer getaway. is an online, member-based retail community. The company offers its members in excess of 80,000 products in the Rewards Mall catalogue, which only members can access. By providing such a varied product listing, with items ranging from apparel to electronics, the organization allows members to optimize their savings by taking advantage of its rewards program. When members sign up they are granted a $2,500 shopping credit to be used in the Rewards Mall. Additionally, members have the option of registering a debit card and submitting gas and grocery receipts for additional Reward Points. Once they start accumulating points, members can redeem up to 1,000 of them per month on items in the Rewards Mall.

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