UBH Denton Hopes for Greater Discussion after National Conference on Mental Health

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UBH DentonAs a comprehensive provider of mental health, UBH Denton—also known as University Behavioral Health Denton—is passionate about making sure people in need find the professional assistance for proper recovery. While the stigma around mental health has improved over the years, this facility explains that there are still many misperceptions, feelings of judgment and lack of discussions that prevent mental health patients from getting the help they need to target their issues. Although recent tragedies in America have resulted in many fatalities—such as the recent Boston Marathon attack and Newtown shooting—UBH explains that these severe events have prompted greater discussion about the need for mental health care.

Part of this growing discussion has improved recently, according to UBH, due to the recent National Conference on Mental Health led by the Obama administration. A recent article from NBC News focused on the daylong conference, which occurred Monday, June 3rd. It reveals President Obama’s approach on the subject and quotes his opening statement, “There should be no shame in discussing or seeking help for treatable illnesses that affect too many people that we love. We’ve got to get rid of that embarrassment; we’ve got to get rid of that stigma. Too many Americans who struggle with illnesses are still suffering in silence rather than seeking help.”

In positive response to the conference and Obama’s support for greater attention on the matter, UBH Denton comments in a recent press statement, “Many Americans look to President Obama as a role model and a leader of national thought, so it is really encouraging to see him voice his concern over the issue. While mental health is often considered a personal issue for those who suffer from it, it is essential that the nation look at it as a comprehensive problem that impacts communities as a whole—we believe that the National Conference on Mental Health helped direct attention this way. It is our hope that as a result, more people will be willing to discuss personal mental health issues and ways to approach greater resolutions toward the matter.”

Although there are an array of mental health problems that have always remained present within society, the National Conference on Mental Health took a deeper look at current issues on the subject which have become increasingly connected to political discussion. For instance, many attending the conference or following its developments were anxious to hear what officials had to say about how mental health care and stigmas impacted gun control, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide rates among returning soldiers. The matters also play a particular important role in public opinion and government interaction, as health insurance deadlines approach under the Affordable Care Act that was recently passed.

In his statement, President Obama remained heavily focused on how proper attention to mental health could prevent tragedies that stem from mass violence. In terms of how his administration is determined to improve upon current hot topic issues surrounding mental health the NBC News article reveals, “In addition to addressing violence, the White House’s efforts are also focused on improving treatment for returning veterans who suffer from mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder. Obama announced Monday that the Department of Veterans Affairs will launch more than 150 community ‘summits’ to promote awareness of resources available for veterans struggling with mental health issues.”

In its press statement, UBH Denton adds, “It is very positive that the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder is gaining more attention, and in particular, a response from the federal government. We hope that the growing discussion and programs will encourage people suffering from PTSD to reach out and find the health they need. However, it is critical to note that while the focus of this conference remains inspiring to the mental health community, there are also many other conditions that affect Americans.”

Taking a similar sentiment, NBC News explains that the president “[Emphasized] that the ‘overwhelming majority’ of people who suffer from mental illness are not violent to themselves or others.” As such, UBH comments in its press statement, “While American citizens may be on the edge of their seats seeing how the increased focus on mental health may impact gun control laws, as well as issues impacting veterans, we believe that the most important highlight of the conference is its attention on removing the stigma surrounding these matters. Although the stigma surrounding mental health issues is considerable and has developed greatly over time, it is very feasible that people take a new perspective on mental health. From body image issues to bipolar disorder, UBH thinks that it is critical for the stigma surrounding mental health to disappear, as it will help all those suffering from any type of mental health issue to seek proper help.”

Given this sentiment, UBH commends President Obama for remaining open on this matter and supports an encouraging statement he made during the conference. As the NBC News article reveals, President Obama stated at the conference, “For many people who suffer from mental illness, recovery can be challenging. What gives so many of our friends and loved ones strength is the knowledge that you’re not alone. You’re surrounded by people who care about you and will support you on the journey to get well. We’re here for you.”

Although the increasing support on finding better solutions toward mental health issues in America is encouraging, UBH notes that there is also a sense of immediacy when it comes to these matters. “While we fully support the government lending greater resources toward mental health services and research, we also believe that those suffering from any problem seek help as soon as possible before it becomes a greater issue. If you or a loved one are facing trouble caused by mental health, please seek help from a qualified professional immediately,” UBH Denton concludes in its press statement.

UBH Denton, or University Behavioral Health Denton, is a freestanding psychiatric hospital in northern Texas. Founded in 2005, this facility offers services in mental health and chemical dependency treatment. Specifically, the staff at UBH Denton maintains a focus on utilizing evidence-based treatments that have proven positive outcomes. UBH Denton remains committed to serving the diverse needs of patients, including younger children and teenagers and offers inpatient and outpatient options.

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