Orchid Recovery Center Reflects on the Benefits of Yoga During Recovery

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Orchid Recovery Center is a facility located in South Florida that helps women overcome drug and alcohol dependency through a variety of holistic approaches. The facility was designed to more effectively meet the needs of females who are struggling with drug and substance abuse; in many cases, their particular concerns are not effectively met through other treatment programs. Now, the team at Orchid is speaking out about the use of yoga in overcoming addiction.

yogaclass-orchidrecoverycenter-orangeThough traditional treatment programs, like the 12-step method, are often beneficial for those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, more people are beginning to turn to yoga when it comes to regaining their sobriety. Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher who is a recovering crack addict. His own quest for sobriety began when he nearly died after a particularly intense binge. Now, Tommy and other individuals like him offer yoga as a means of detoxification and healing for those struggling with addiction.

With drug and alcohol abuse costing the country more than $600B annually due to expenses relating to crime, lost work productivity, and health care, varying techniques for detoxification are becoming even more important. In many instances, a recovering addict finds an extraordinary amount of peace simply by working on breath control, meditation, postures, and chanting.

The team at Orchid Recovery Center reflects on using yoga as a healing tool by stating, “Many people find traditional methods to be useful in regaining their sobriety, but other clients prefer to use holistic practices as yoga and meditation. These activities allow a person to get in touch with their spirituality, while providing a physical challenge for the body. Often, these actions are some of the most important parts of the healing process for someone dealing with alcohol or drug abuse.”

Rosen’s particular type of yoga is based on the foundation of the 12-step program, but also incorporates meditation and traditional yoga poses as clients are guided through the recovery process. Rosen states that he believes that anyone can achieve sobriety if they are able to remain fully committed to the process required to get there.

Tommy notes, “My great hope is that yoga and recovery classes will be taught in substance abuse treatment facilities, half-way houses, and sober living environments throughout America. I envision a new format for 12-step meetings, which includes yoga and meditation and stronger community building in the form of retreats, workshops, and other immersive experiences. When this happens, we’ll be far along the road toward greater success in overcoming addiction and preventing it in the first place.”

Orchid Recovery Center Celebrates Rosen’s Teachings

As a recovery tool, the practice of yoga works to connect the body with the inner activities of the mind. Instructors such as Rosen explain that many times people begin abusing drugs or alcohol because they simply do not feel comfortable in their own skin. Yoga works to change this, putting a person in touch with their body and helping them to develop a deeper appreciation for it.

Rosen reflects on his teaching experience stating, “To anyone who is going to teach people in recovery, my number one piece of advice is to teach only from your own direct experience. If you do not have something in your life, don’t teach it. The most powerful, authentic teachings come from direct experience. If you teach from there, you will be a powerful teacher. If not, you will be a signpost, trying to point the way to a destination that you yourself have not reached.”

The team at Orchid notes, “Many individuals who have dealt with substance abuse in the past, such as Tommy, find tremendous power in helping to bring sobriety to others. In many instances, their own efforts help other people, but also work to keep them focused on their sober lifestyle. Discussing sobriety every day, and helping others to come to this place is a powerful fuel for a recovering addict.”

Classes that teach yoga for recovering addicts, as well as those that merge yoga with a more traditional 12-step recovery program are popping up all over the world. The team at Orchid Recovery Center encourages the use of this practice, as well as other holistic methods, when it comes to fighting drug and alcohol dependency.

Orchid Recovery Center is a South Florida-based facility that helps women to regain a sober lifestyle after a battle with drugs or alcohol. The program’s founders believe that many women who were struggling with addiction were being undeserved by other programs; they developed the facility to help aid in the recovery of women struggling with addiction. The center emphasizes the use of holistic methods and psychiatric care in order to promote a life of sobriety. In addition to using yoga for healing, women can enjoy art therapy, dynamic group work, psychodrama treatment, acupuncture, and other ways to recover form substance abuse problems.

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