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As a leading provider of online marketing services in Australia, SponsoredLinx offers exceptional search engine optimization (SEO) solutions to its wide variety of clients. As the algorithms used by search engines become more complicated and consumers demand engaging content, the need for SEO has become a must-have for any company trying to establish a strong online presence. For this reason, SponsoredLinX highlights a recent article from The Huffington Post that discusses emerging trends in search engine optimization that have noticeably changed 2013 marketing practices.

SponsoredLinx SEO SolutionsIn a recent press statement, SponsoredLinX explains, “While many may not take notice of changes in the ever-evolving practice of SEO, it is important that business leaders identify that the landscape of online marketing is constantly changing. By taking note of these trends, we hope more businesses will feel inclined to recruit a professional SEM service to help establish better SEO practices for improved success and exposure.” Similarly, a recent article from Examiner.com reports, “The ever changing and constant upgrading of Google Panda and Penguin 2.0 has thrown many online marketing professionals into a tailspin as to how to effectively remain competitive online.”

So what exactly are these emerging trends that marketing and SEO professionals are starting to take notice of? As a provider of mobile marketing services, SponsoredLinX highlights the rising presence of mobile devices as a trend that all businesses need to take note of. The Huffington Post article also states, “According to Marketing Land, almost 40 percent of people are now accessing the Internet via mobile devices. When it comes to social media, that figure is even higher at 55 percent. If this growth pattern continues, half of all Internet browsing will be done on mobile devices within a few years. This means it’s never been more important to adapt to this trend and make your website content mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you’re giving up traffic, conversions and sales. Even if you offer a fantastic product/service and have a great-looking site, mobile users are likely to go to competitors when they have a negative experience on your website due to its lack of mobile-optimization and become frustrated.”

In its press statement, SponsoredLinx responds, “It is incredibly important for businesses to design websites that are tailored to the unique size of mobile devices. In addition, these websites must be optimized for user navigation, or else consumers will just not want to refer to it through their device.”

While SponsoredLinX has made a name for itself in the SEO market, the company notes that search engine optimization has not become more easier—it has actually become more difficult. In its press statement, the company explains, “Black-hat SEO practices are fairly common and lead people to keyword stuffing practices; these just pollute the Internet, make brands look worse and make search engines less effective. As such, while Google has created greater challenges for SEO professionals, we support these changes and are able to produce effective content that works within these new standards. However, those who have practiced ‘SEO’ on their own may want to consult to a professional to properly address these changing needs.”

SponsoredLinX highlights this statement from The Huffington Post as a solid review of what to avoid and what to look for when engaging in SEO practices, “To climb the rankings, it usually requires content that’s legitimately entertaining and/or provides value that people can feel. When content meets these criteria, it tends to get shared naturally on relevant websites, which increases the number of inbound links it receives. Using underhanded techniques like paying for links, spinning articles, creating links on irrelevant sites and general spam now have a negative effect, since the release of Google Penguin.”

Although creative web content must prove engaging to warrant significant response from users and search engine activity, The Huffington Post also explains that this material should be longer. The article reveals, “While it’s still possible to rank well with shorter articles ranging from 300 to 500 words, it’s advantageous to create longer articles that are more in depth. A study by Moz has shown that the higher the word count, the more links an article will get. Since the quantity and quality of backlinks are the strongest factors in the ranking algorithm, longer articles tend to result in higher rankings, more inbound links and more website traffic.”

In its press statement, SponsoredLinx comments, “This observation is incredibly important, because longer content runs the risk of becoming filler material that offers no appeal to consumers. Fortunately, those who recruit digital market services are typically afforded teams of talented content creators who can make sure that these in-depth, attractive pieces of content are associated with a brand.”

Taking a note of content, it is important to address the need for media in addition to standard text-based material. For instance, The Huffington Post explains, “Since search engines crawl content and learn its meaning via text, it’s important to optimize your text content accordingly. However, using multimedia such as pictures and videos has become more important.”

“Media plays a very important role in search engine marketing practices, as videos and photos are core elements that hold a viewer’s attention. Many people may not understand how to work media into an SEO strategy, so it is important to refer to professionals who can properly apply tags, provide captions and descriptions to amplify results,” SponsoredLinx.com concludes in its press statement.

SponsoredLinx is one of Australia’s leading providers of digital marketing services. Growing at a rapid rate and providing exceptional service to a wide variety of clientele, SponsoredLinX is known for its excellence in Google AdWords, search engine optimization, social media management, as well as mobile and Yahoo marketing. As one of the fastest growing SEM companies, this company hold more than 20 certified Google AdWord Professionals and is able to provide exceptional SEO programs, web support and web design to businesses across Australia and elsewhere. Notably, clients can expect results-based solutions and transparency from SponsoredLinX, as it offers AdWords management on a no-contracts basis and works with each client to develop specific strategies.

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