Sarah Palin Explains How Global Warming Will Resurrect Dinosaurs (Seriously)

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sarahpalinSarah Palin is under scrutiny yet again for claiming that global warming will bring about the return of the dinosaurs.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Palin was asked about her views on global warming. During this interview Palin made a case that while global warming may be happening, it will bring temperatures back to what they were in the prehistoric era. According to Palin, should the climate return to its prehistoric state, we will see a resurgence of dinosaurs walking the earth. She also believed that life in a warmer client would be fine, as many plants and animals dealt with it in the past. Needless to say, her interviewers were stunned.

Palin claimed that while the temperature could rise to that of prehistoric times, the Earth, “had it pretty good back then.” She followed this by saying how different plant and animal life survived through the heat, and many thrived. She was then quoted during the interview as saying, “The polar bears might die off, but think of all the dinosaurs we’re gonna get!” She went on to say that the liberal media never discusses these clear benefits of global warming, and that she personally cannot wait to see what a Triceratops looks life in real life.

When questioned about her theory, Palin claimed that the loss of cold climate animals would naturally bring bad warm climate animals. “That’s what I call logic, Gretchen.” Palin said, “Something the Looney Left in this country doesn’t understand. They’re so Debbie Downer about this whole thing, they can’t see the bright side.” Palin’s interviewers immediately interjected stating that it is clearly impossible to bring an extinct species back to life, as extinct means they are gone forever. A surprised Palin then stated that it was done in Jurassic Park, and she believed that the movie was based on a true story. The Fox team, not knowing what to do with the line of conversation, quickly moved on to their next news story.

Palin’s strenuous understanding of basic science served to make her look foolish in the public eye yet again. Normally, her religious grounds would allow her to make a statement about the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans. However, during the interview she immediately accepted a correction her interviewer made stating that dinosaurs existed over 65 million years ago. On top of this, Palin seemingly believed that extinct animals could be brought back simply by a change in climate.

We live in a country where no one can be faulted for their religious beliefs. If someone believes that the earth is younger than scientific evidence leads them to believe, that is their right. However, outright ignorance on television from a serious politician who almost sat at the right hand of a president is still hard to see. Palin served as Alaska’s governor for 3 years and was the Republican nominee for vice president not too long ago. She still serves as a Fox News commentator despite these statements and the bewilderment of her peers.

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