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dominospizzadroneAt the Mammoth Lakes-located John’s Pizza Works Outlaw Saloon, customer service remains one of its highest priorities, as this establishment has satisfied guests for more than two decades with its comfortable environment and delicious menu. While this restaurant has welcomed diners in its classic, family-friendly atmosphere for five-star service, John’s Pizza Works is also known to cater to nearby clients who would rather have pizza delivered to them. Although pizza delivery is just another trait characteristic of the American pizza parlor, John’s Pizza Works has caught onto a new technological development that may change the game of customer service forever—robots.

Although many people may think that robot pizza deliveries is something straight out of The Jetsons, a recent article from CNN Money reveals how popular pizza restaurant chain Domino’s utilized drone technology to deliver pizza. The article explains, “In perhaps the first bit of ‘technological research’ to involve flying pepperoni, Domino’s has developed a drone capable of delivering pizzas. While the idea is likely just a PR stunt, a Domino’s franchise in the United Kingdom posted a video on Monday of the unmanned ‘DomiCopter’ actually delivering two pizzas in the company’s signature Heatwave bags.” CNNMoney adds, “A spokesman for the Michigan-based pizza company confirmed that the concept is ‘the brainchild of our independent master franchise company in the U.K.’ The digital media company T and Biscuits partnered with drone firm AeroSight to bring the idea to life.”

John’s Pizza Works believes that the idea is a fun one, but not a realistic one—as drone-delivered pizza seems like a strange waste of resources that could end up resulting in a mess for both the consumer and pizza makers. CNNMoney continues to explain that although the drone pizza delivery was a success in real life, it is unlikely to become prevalent in consumer circles any time soon. The article states, “A similar idea called the TacoCopter –an app that would dispatch a drone to deliver a taco to your door—went viral last year, but the service is illegal under U.S. law. Federal Aviation Administration rules ban unmanned aircraft like drones from being used for commercial purposes. A DomiCopter in the United Kingdom seems just as unlikely… While the DomiCopter is perhaps the silliest example of possible drone use, it’s a burgeoning field full of legal and ethical questions.”

The responses to the drone pizza delivery border around questions regarding the legality and the feasibility of the new technology. However, John’s Pizza Works Outlaw Saloon notes that the biggest concern of robot pizza delivery was not even addressed by the CNNMoney article—the fact that it compromises the customer service that has become so engrained in pizza delivery culture. In a recent press statement, John’s Pizza Works observes, “While the automated drone delivery of a pizza is somewhat ridiculous, it is inspiring to see that those in the restaurant industry are thinking of ways to improve service to customers. However, we think that the focus may need to shift away from robots and more on to human interaction.”

While customer service may remain a missing link of automated delivery, many are starting to play Devil’s Advocate on the subject and are starting to calculate whether or not drone deliveries could become commonplace in a near future. For instance, while the recent Domino’s drone delivery is regarded more as a public relations move than actual testing of automated service, a recent article from Daily Finance maps out some of the more analytical sides of the argument that the practice could become a reality. Making rough assumptions, the Daily Finance article proposes that many companies—including major online retailers, such as Amazon—could eventually find a cost-benefit over the unmanned delivery option. Specifically, it argues, “A company making deliveries eight hours a day, seven days a week would see an advantage in the cheaper UAV after just one year. The costlier UAV would become profitable in the spring of its second year in operation, assuming we start tracking from the beginning of January.”

However, given the unavailability of civilian unmanned drones in the United States, many are not placing bets on the likelihood that UAVs will be seen roaming the sky in the next few years. And even if it were possible, many in the business—such as John’s Pizza Works Outlaw Saloon—do not think the costs really will justify themselves to restaurants. For example, Daily Finance takes another side and explains, “Admittedly…UAVs may wind up being initially more expensive on an hourly basis than their human counterparts.” Others fear that if drone deliveries did become prevalent, many of delivery employees would lose jobs and not have money to contribute into the economy.

“Drone deliveries in general may be a new convenience in the near future—the technological advancement could even prove beneficial for emergency scenarios. However, in the world of pizza delivery, we do not think that the standard person-to-person delivery is a model that should be changed. In America, pizza is one of the few foods that can be found almost anywhere for delivery; it is a great convenience. Although consumers may want to enjoy a pizza at home, they still trust in receiving a high level of customer service when they exchange their payment with the trusted deliveryman at the door. We have always valued this aspect of customer service, and are always focused on delivering our pizzas to customers with a smile, on time, warm and with excellent flavor. Even if drone deliveries do become the norm in America, we will still remain committed to keeping pizza deliveries a trusted human-to-human exchange,” John’s Pizza Works Outlaw Saloon concludes in its press statement.

John’s Pizza Works Outlaw Saloon—located at the Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort in California—is a great place to grab a bite to eat, watch the game, or unwind with your friends after a day spent enjoying the great outdoors. Since 1992, this restaurant has provided guests with delicious food, an ice cream parlor, a sports bar and an arcade. Known for its great service and good prices, John’s Pizza Works caters to both locals and travelers with its family-friendly atmosphere—especially during the ski and summer seasons.

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