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swimmingsafetyUnited States Pools, a National Plaster Council member, knows that taking a dip in a cool pool on a hot day is a favorite pastime of children and adults alike. However, as temperatures heat up, parents must remain cautious as their young swimmers take to the water. Even kids who appear to have strong swimming skills can quickly begin drowning if they ingest water or get overwhelmed when they swim to a deeper section of the pool. For this reason, parents must always remain focused on their kids when swimming, regardless of whether the boy or girl is donning a flotation device.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission explains that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among kids between the ages of one and four. Kathleen Reilly, who is the project manager of the Pool Safely Campaign, notes, “Approximately 390 children under 14 drown just in pools and spas. I’m not talking about other bodies of water, that’s just pools and spas. Children one to four are the most vulnerable, and they represent about 300 of those children. If kids have had a good, fun time in that water, they’re going back in.”

For this reason, parents must take a heightened approach to security when it comes to kids and pools. It is no longer enough to just be present at the pool while the boy or girl is swimming. Moms and dads must put cell phones, magazines, and conversations aside in order to truly focus their attention on the child. This allows them to intervene as quickly as possible should a problem develop. Regardless of how confident the child is or how many flotation devices they have out with them in the pool, parental supervision at all times is a must.

For babies and young kids who have not yet learned to swim, this is especially important. In fact, experts recommend that parents get into the water with young children, and remain no more than an arm’s length away at any times. This allows them to quickly grab the baby or toddler if it appears that they have encountered a problem.

Parents should not feel comfortable leaving kids unattended in baby pools, as these can pose just as much of a problem as large, commercial pools. Chuck Baldwin, president of Swim Things, states, “A lot of people are buying these blow-up pools and they’re less than 24 inches so they don’t need a fence. But a real small child or a baby, if you turn your back, answer the phone, get distracted, it doesn’t take much water.”

The team at United States Pools supports this, explaining, “Pools can be a source of hours of summer fun, but parents should use caution around all types of pools, just as they would in any situation where children are out and about and exploring. Whether the pool is six feet deep or six inches deep, accidents can happen. For this reason, parents should teach kids to swim at an early age, and should install proper safety precautions in their pool.”

Some of these precautions include alarms that alert the homeowner when someone has broken the surface of the pool. This device can allow parents to quickly interfere should a child fall into the pool or accidentally wander in. When the pool is not in use, ladders should be removed and a secure tarp should blanket the pool, thus making it harder for a child to slip into the water. Homeowners should also regularly inspect their pool fence, making sure they attend to necessary repairs. Curious children can easily wriggle through loose or broken boards in the fence, thus allowing them entry to the pool area even with the fence present.

Moms and dads should also avoid leaving pool toys scattered around the pool deck. In some instances, toddlers and young kids will see a toy that catches their eye, go to grab it, and then accidentally fall into the water. Toys should be kept in a safe area that is a sufficient distance away from the surface of the water. Pool toys should come out of the water when the child is done swimming, thus preventing them from wanting the toy after they are out of the water and trying to go back in after it.

The professionals at United States Pools explain, “It’s often hard to imagine how a child thinks, but parents must do this in order to keep their kids safe. Young boys and girls don’t think about consequences or cause and effect. They see a pool toy and they want it. They don’t consider about how they may fall in. For this reason, parents must take many preventative measures in order to keep children safe during the summer. Even seemingly insignificant actions, such as leaving pool toys near the water’s surface can become potentially problematic.

Moms and dads should also make it a point to learn first aid and CPR in order to provide immediate assistance such a crisis occur. This can allow them to stop significant damage from happening should a child fall into the pool. Though they must dial 911 right away should this happen, parents who know CPR may have the ability to assist their child as they wait for help to arrive.

Parents should also verify that any other pools in the neighborhood are properly secured. Even if a boy or girl is no longer at risk within that family’s own backyard, it is possible for them to wander next door to a pool that is not as protected, thus allowing dangerous situations to occur. All neighborhood pools should be carefully guarded from young kid, and should comply with local safety ordinances.

“It’s very important that everyone in that particular neighborhood understands the importance of pool safety and follows the rules so as to protect neighborhood children when they are out and about playing during the summer,“ notes United States Pools.

United States Pools offers a variety of pool services for those people living in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indio, and the surrounding areas. They design and build pools, provide repairs and maintenance, revamp existing pools, and also offer hot tubs and other backyard enhancements. A National Plaster Council member, the firm’s unique designs have earned them repeat business and recommendations for years.

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