Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics Shares Tips for Improving Smile, Increasing Odds of a New Job

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smiling_woman2Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics understands that an individual’s smile can have a drastic impact on many aspects of their lives. First and foremost, a straight, bright smile can lead to improved self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, it can help individuals to feel more positive about their appearance and to be considered more attractive by other people. But a recent article published by NBC News reveals that one’s smile can actually impact their professional prospects. While models, actors, and other public figures have certainly always been judged—and hired—according to their appearance, the article asserts that individuals in other industries are being overlooked for employment due to their smiles.

The article explains: “In America, most people—including employers—make instant judgments based on appearance, including someone’s smile and teeth [...] Those views can prevent potential employers from recognizing potential assets, said Lindsey Robinson, a dentist and current president of the California Dental Association [...] The problem is partly based on appearance, but also on the health effects of poor dental care, which have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Acute dental conditions cost nearly two days of work per year per 100 people in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds. Even employed adults lose more than 164 million hours of work because of oral health problems or dental visits [...] That [the embarrassment of poor teeth] makes anyone less likely to have the energy to job hunt—and to be less likely to land the position, Robinson said.”

Ultimately, Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics asserts, a person’s smile is the first thing that others notice about them, whether this is positive or negative. As such, he believes that it is important for individuals to take care of their teeth in order to project the best possible image that they can.

“I don’t believe that employers should rule out a job candidate because of tooth problems,” Dr. Morrow comments. “However, it is important for people to realize that, in order to land a certain job, they often need to look the part. People who are working in customer service fields or jobs in which they will frequently interact with customers in person need to realize that they must maintain a clean cut, professional appearance to thrive. This includes their smile, as this is an important aspect of one’s image. Individuals who work with the public take the time to put on coordinated, ironed, and tailored outfits, do their hair, and perfect their makeup. Taking care of their teeth should be considered just one more step in creating a professional, positive appearance.”

As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics has assisted countless individuals in straightening their teeth to achieve a better smile.

Dr. Morrow has provided several tips for professionals looking to improve their smile in an effort to boost their work-related efforts. First and foremost, he suggests brushing at least two times per day and flossing each night before bed. By removing food and bacteria from the teeth regularly, individuals can prevent new dental issues from cropping up.

Next, Dr. Morrow encourages individuals to consult with their dentist about tooth whitening products. With so many products on the market, people should talk with their dentist to determine the best tooth whitening solution for them, based on their goals and lifestyle. Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash are popular, he notes, as are the dissolving whitening strips that are available at many retailers. However, a professionally administered whitening treatment, at our dentist’s office, may be more predicable with respect to achieving the best results possible.

For individuals who have crooked teeth, braces are a wonderful option according to Dr. Morrow. His office provides both traditional and ceramic braces, lingual braces (behind the teeth) and Invisalign (clear removable aligners).

Dr. Morrow also advises that early screening of young children can play an integral role in achieving a beautiful and healthy smile. As such, he encourages all parents to have their children examined by an orthodintist, by the time they reach the age of seven. Although most children will not require early treatment, at a young age, an early screening is helpful to rule out potential growth and development issues, which can impact the development of a child’s teeth, bite and facial esthetics.

Dr. Morrow encourages individuals who are not happy with their smiles, or who believe that their teeth problems may be keeping them from landing the job that they want, to contact a trusted orthodontic professional to learn more about how they can improve their smiles. Dr. Morrow states “With the help of orthodontic treatment, people can improve their smile and maintain a healthy bite by keeping their natural teeth for a lifetime”.


A certified specialist in Orthodontics, based in Toronto, Ontario, Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics provides his services to patients of all ages. Dr. Morrow specializes in orthodontic care and strives to assist his patients in achieving their goals of a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Morrowvholds a dental degree from the University of Toronto and completed a two-year residency at the Eastman Dental Center. This residency allowed him to further explore both general dentistry and temporomandibular joint disorders. After this training was complete, Dr. Morrow went back to school to earn certification in the dental specialty of Orthodontics. Dr. Morrow has also published several professional articles. Away from his profession, Dr. Morrow cherishes his time with his wife and three children. As well, he is an avid cyclist, and enjoys playing hockey.


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