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businesspeople-tomcastellanos-dictatedEyal Lichtmann is a successful business professional who is able to drive sales and develop relationships with new clients. He enjoys mentoring those who are hoping to excel in business, and uses his own lengthy career to offer relevant advice to newcomers. Lichtmann is now providing tips for business owners and managers on how they can become more effective leaders.

The right leader must quickly recognize failure and adapt accordingly. It is often difficult to take an analytical look at a project that the business professional spent hours creating on their own, but doing so is a necessary part of ensuring that the company enjoys future successes. When launching new products or trying new ways of doing business, it is important to analyze the effectiveness of these strategies.

Careful and regular analysis makes it easy to identify when new business techniques or products are not working effectively. By examining the sales of a new product line or customers’ response to a new company policy, Eyal Lichtmann explains that it can become immediately apparent when these changes are not working well. From there, alterations can be made to ensure that the organization continues to thrive.

“Taking an objective look at business practices is a must for any successful professional. Though it is not easy to accept that certain business decisions may not have been wise, acknowledging failure allows an individual to correct these mistakes, thus protecting the health of the company. From there, they can find new ways to operate that will attract new business and keep clients on board,” explains Eyal Lichtmann.

A talented business professional sees the importance in continuing to learn about their field. Even the most experienced individuals need to remain aware of changes that are shaping their industry today. To do this, it is advisable to read trade publications, attend conferences, and network with other members of the field. This allows professionals to stay on top of developments, thus enabling them to shift their business strategy accordingly.

“Even the busiest manager should make time to read up on their field regularly. Failure to do so may leave this individual in the dark about important developments that could help or hurt their organization. Whether it is reading blogs or articles in the morning over a cup of coffee or attending conventions on the weekends, these actions are an essential part of staying connected and aware,” explains Eyal Lichtmann.

Business owners should make it a point to see value in all of their employees. From the receptionist to the sales staff and upper management, each of these individuals plays an important role in the overall success of the organization. Spending time regularly with each of these people helps to keep them motivated about their work, and allows the owner to understand what is and is not working within that organization. These employees can provide the most honest and relevant source of feedback, so their insights about both day-to-day and long-term company operations should be valued and respected.

Because employees are so important, business owners must ensure that their company puts effective hiring and training programs into place. Those who are unaware or unwilling to do their job properly can cause significant damage to the organization, and must be weeded out before they are brought on board. An employer should ensure that they are hiring only people who are enthusiastic about the company and willing to promote positivity and productivity in the office. A thorough interview process can help to make this possible.

Once a new hire is brought on board, they must receive proper training about company procedures and protocol in order to enable them to excel in their new role. Even the most competent and enthusiastic people will fail if they do not understand how the organization operates or what is expected of employees. Proper training and a specific job description allow a new worker to understand exactly what is expected of them, thus ensuring success in this position.

“It is easy to blame an employee’s failures on their own errors, but some more digging often shows that these workers also struggle due to poor training. When employees are not made aware of all company policies, they may provide false information to customers, thus causing problems. An employee who fully understands their job and their employer is more likely to have long-term success, which bodes better for the organization as a whole,” explains Eyal Lichtmann.

Eyal Lichtmann Talks Using Experience for Success

Eyal Lichtmann explains that the business world is fast-paced, which often makes it hard to spend time analyzing and reflecting on past successes and failures. However, introspection is an important part of learning from experience and improving as a result. A person who continues to make the same mistakes over and over because they do not take the time to analyze what went wrong will eventually find that these errors catch up to them.

Instead, an individual should periodically reflect on both their successes and their failures, using these past events to shape the decisions they will make later on. Instead of repeating mistakes over and over, this professional can use poor choices in the past to ensure that these faux paus do not happen again in the future.

“Even the best business people make mistakes from time to time, and there is no shame in this. Mistakes are only problematic when they are allowed to happen again and again. Therefore, careful analysis is required in order to move forward from the mistakes, thus ensuring that other options are chosen when a similar situation is presented in the future,” explains Eyal Lichtmann.

Eyal Lichtmann is a business professional and an entrepreneur who has spearheaded efforts for several different companies and non-profit groups. He currently serves as the President and CEO of Quilageo, Inc., which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Lichtmann relies on his sales abilities to continue to develop the business in new markets. He has a true passion for all things business, and enjoys mentoring up-and-coming professionals. In his spare time, Lichtmann is an active philanthropist and has a strong relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of B.C.

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