Froothie Explains How A Blender Can Save Your Health

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Investment In a High Quality Blender Is Worthwhile, Says FroothieFroothie, a distributor of the highly acclaimed Optimum line of blenders, has long worked with clients to ensure that they have access to the quality products they need to keep their kitchens producing the best in juices, smoothies, and other blended food items. On today’s market, blenders range in price drastically, from under $100 to several hundreds. As such, the Froothie team says it is important that consumers understand what, exactly, they are investing in when they purchase a blender so that they can comprehend the value that the purchase will provide in terms of health and convenience.

Froothie explains that consumers who are looking to purchase a new blender need to take several factors into consideration in order to ensure that they get the most value for their money. Even the higher end blenders that are on today’s market may not live up to daily use, so it is crucial that individuals focus on the brands that will offer them to utmost in quality and support.

According to Froothie: “Blenders have become big business. The industry grew 11 percent in 2012 to $673 million dollars, in large part because of consumers’ continued taste for smoothies. That has more manufacturers introducing high-performance blenders meant to compete with the likes of Vitamix, which is perhaps the biggest name in premium blenders.” Optimum is one such manufacturer, and it has achieved a great deal in terms of cultivating a product line that surpasses its competition. The blenders offered by this brand are commercial grade and provide consumers with convenience and power—both of which they need to make their home blending activities worthwhile. Additionally, Optimum blenders are affordable compared to some of their market competition, which is a major draw for many of today’s consumers.

“Used day in and day out, high quality, high speed blenders like the Optimum range of products will last for years,” comments a representative from Froothie. “This allows home cooks and chefs alike to create delicious and nutritious meals over and over again. The range of tasks that can be performed with such a blender is wide and varied, but includes creamy milkshakes and thickshakes, smooth green smoothies, fiber filled juices, hot soups made from raw ingredients, fragrant, freshly ground coffee, dollops of whipped cream, quickly chopped vegetables, home style milled grains, freshly kneaded dough, simple chopped nuts, finely ground nuts and smooth nut butters, gourmet sauces and dressings, cold and creamy ice creams and sorbets, and more.” The Froothie representative continues, “Creating these foods in your own kitchen will save you thousands on pre-packaged and processed foods, as well as provide your body with the optimum nutrients it needs to increase both physical health and longevity. This, certainly, is worth the monetary investment.”

The blender that Optimum has designed to compete with the aforementioned Vitamix brand is the Optimum 9400, which is a best seller and carries a commercial and domestic warranty. This model features variable speed control and a powerful motor, which allows it to perform time and again with accuracy and reliability. While this is a highly popular product on the Optimum line, there are several others that have captured the attention of consumers.

The Optimum 9900 is the most powerful, fastest blender on the market. With a 3.5 HP motor, it can push through commercial and domestic functions with ease. In this industry power matters, as popular green smoothies often have a fibrous texture due to the leafy greens that are in them. With the Optimum 9900, though, individuals can create a smooth texture that is much more palatable, allowing them to more positively incorporate these healthy smoothies into their diets.

Another bestseller is the Optimum 9200, which is a heavy duty, commercial-grade blender that works well both in business and home settings. This is highly popular with juice and smoothie bar franchise owners in Australia, as its durability, reliability, and performance are unparalleled.

Froothie Explains Why a Blender Is a Positive Investment

While having a blender that is commercial grade is a good idea in many cases, even if the product is used at home, because it improves the quality of blending and the performance of the appliance, it is also true that there are domestic grade blenders offered by Froothie that can stand up to even the toughest in-home use.

No matter if individuals opt for a commercial or domestic grade blender, those offered by Froothie are up for the challenge of providing high quality performance in a wide range of settings. Whether an individual is paying $250 or upwards of $500 for a blender, the professionals at this company understand that they are making a considerable investment. This is an investment, though, that the representatives at Froothie can confidently say is worthwhile, as these products allow individuals to serve healthy foods to their families and customers, depending on their needs. Ultimately, investing in one’s health is always a positive decision, and the right blender can make all of the difference when individuals are faced with reconciling their busy schedules and the drive to take the time to make preservative-free, non-processed foods available to their family, friends, and customers.

The professionals at Froothie encourage anyone who is interested to inquire about the Optimum blender product line.

A distributor of Optimum blenders, Froothie is an organization that serves clients with locations in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The Optimum products offered by the company provide clientele with access to high performance, affordable blenders that can function in both commercial and domestic environments. As a result, the clients with which the organization works range from individuals looking for new blenders for their homes to franchise owners running juice and smoothie bars looking for new appliances for their store locations. Follow Froothie on Facebook today!

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