“Are You a Good Manager?” Asks Javier Vazquez, Uruguay’s Entrepreneur


Javier Vazquez, Uruguay, Gives Management TipsJavier Vazquez, Uruguay-based entrepreneur, has created many successful businesses. His success stems from the fact that he is an excellent manager. He knows how to operate a business and control his pupils. But he has noticed that many entrepreneurs lack the qualities that make a good manager. An article by Forbes lists several aspects that make a quality manager in today’s world.

Modern managers should know that society is constantly changing. Technology, behavior, and social norms are always updating to new trends. A manager should be able to adapt to these changes and mold his or her business accordingly. A company’s past success does not ensure future success. Fruitful managers are ready to change their company’s direction at any given moment.

Managers should work with their employees to help them succeed. This means that they should remove roadblocks and inhibitions. Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based manager, is constantly invigorating and motivating his employees. He believes that it is important to always keep them engaged. A high morale leads to higher productivity and success.

The idea of management is traditionally associated with intimidation or a sense of control. Managers used to force their employees to work harder to benefit themselves. However, as time progressed, employees were encouraged to work with their managers rather than for them.

“We’re all on the same playing field,” says Javier Vazquez, Uruguay’s technology magnate. “I let my employees know that we are a team. I want to see everyone succeed, not just the company. Employees are the gears that make a company move.”

The next quality for a successful manager is the ability to comprehend technology. As the world is moving forward into the 21st century, technology is becoming more abundant. Managers should understand current technological trends for many reasons.

Javier Vazquez, Uruguay, notes that the workplace is becoming digitized. Offices are being taken over by computers, electronic notebooks, and other digital units. Managers need to stay up-to-date with technology and its role in the workplace. Managers who are tech-savvy are more adaptable to change.

Another benefit of understanding technology is the impact it can have on business. As mentioned previously, technology is a major component of this generation. More companies are capitalizing on opportunities that have been provided by computers. Managers can learn to incorporate technology into their business model. Javier Vazquez, Uruguay’s prominent entrepreneur, has created several companies that work with technology.

Leading by example is a vital quality of a successful manager. Employees look up to their manager as a leader and symbol for their company. The actions of a manager can provide significant motivation and influence to the rest of the workplace.

Managers who lead by example believe in doing rather than saying. They perform hard work to rally their employees. Rather than giving them a command, managers will demonstrate the task that they need done. A successful manager works on the same level as his or her employees, using the same resources. Employees cannot advance from their positions unless they see a manager doing the same.

The concept of accepting vulnerability is a less common managerial attribute. Managers should embrace the fact that they are vulnerable. No person or business is perfect. It is the ability to recognize this and overcome it that makes a successful manager.

Javier Vazquez, Uruguay, believes that vulnerability helps adaptability. When a manager realizes their flaws, they can work to improve them. This reflects on their business and helps them adapt to new trends. Innovation is born from the acceptance of vulnerability.

The final quality of a successful manager is the belief in sharing. Managers in the past believed in retaining crucial information and not sharing it with employees. However, in recent years, managers have found a benefit in communicating with others.

Sharing information opens up the barriers between employees and managers. When sharing information, business leaders can collaborate with their employees to find solutions to issues. This practice enhances communication and promotes teamwork in the workplace.

Javier Vazquez, Uruguay, Gives Examples of Managerial Qualities

Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-located business magnate demonstrates the qualities of a positive manager to ensure success. There are many ways that other entrepreneurs and leaders can uphold these qualities.

Adapting to change

Managers can adapt to change by following current trends closely. Media outlets are providing constant updates on new innovations and business fads. A successful manager will follow his or her industry to see if there are any major changes.

Rallying employees

Managers should do all in their power to provide a clear path for their employees. If an employee is seeking advancement or wants to propose a new idea, their manager should assist them. The leader of a business wants to see their employees succeed and helps them along the way.

Understanding technology

Similarly to adapting, managers should keep up-to-date with technological aspects of society. There are new innovations that are introduced every single day. A high quality manager remains vigilant so that they can find the next opportunity.

Leading by example

Instead of instructing an employee to complete a task, an excellent manager will complete it with them. Managers must delegate responsibilities but should first lead by example. If an employee is unsure of how to complete a project, their manager will demonstrate an effective method.

Accepting vulnerability

A manager must understand that they cannot run a perfect business. They should analyze the flaws and use them to their advantage. Javier Vazquez, Uruguay, thinks that companies should encourage customer feedback. This way, they can learn what works and what needs improvement. Managers can also ask for feedback from their employees to improve on their own methods.


Some information should be kept private such as salary and personal details. However, broad information about the company and its performance should be shared. When employees see how a company is doing, they can help devise solutions. Great managers regularly meet with their employees to discuss company performance. Javier Vazquez, Uruguay, also encourages his employees to share their proposals and ideas regularly.

Javier Vazquez, Uruguay, is a technology entrepreneur and CEO of UY Software. His company’s primary focus is in finding digital solutions to organizational problems. UY Software utilizes such programs as Logbook – Project and Portfolio, Enterprise Resource Planning, Core Banking, and Customer Relationship Management. Javier Vazquez also provides freelance information technology consultation in his spare time. Recently, he founded the software Mobile Troop, which helps advertise applications on Microsoft’s Market Place.

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