Anti-Aging: What Works? Martha Stewart and Ageless Rx Share Their Secrets

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Ageless Rx Shares Martha Stewart's Anti-Aging TipsAgeless Rx is a medispa that is beloved by its clients, many of whom are high profile actors, models, and other celebrities. This list of patrons alone is enough to solidify the organization’s position as a leading cosmetic treatment center in the area; however, the company’s dedication to providing its clients with reliable, valuable information sets it apart, too, from many of its competitors. An example of this is the organization’s recent move to share top anti-aging tips from Martha Stewart via a statement to the press. These tips were first published by USA Today and the professionals at Ageless Rx have made a point of sharing them in order to help their clients achieve the most youthful, vibrant appearance possible.

Stewart, who is an internationally known celebrity famous for her insight regarding domestic and do-it-yourself tasks, has become the mogul of a veritable media empire. Despite the stress that such a business naturally causes, Stewart has managed to maintain a svelte, youthful appearance for her age. At 71, she looks decades younger than she is and is often sought out for her anti-aging tips.

The first tip that she offers is to live a healthy lifestyle. As simple as that may sound, it is actually quite overwhelming for many people to stick to a nutritious diet and regular exercise program. Stewart simplifies the process by offering the following advice: “Healthy living is an ongoing, ever-evolving project. If you try to overhaul too many aspects of your life at once, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. Instead, pick one small healthy habit to start practicing today, whether it’s drinking more water, walking at lunchtime, or attending a weekly yoga class. Once the first habit feels like second nature, make another change, and so on.”

Living a healthy lifestyle is, indeed, one of the many keys to keeping the body as youthful and fit as possible. While healthy living cannot stop the clock in terms of aging, it can help the body respond to the stresses of aging more favorably. For example, a diet that boosts skin health can help the skin bounce back, instead of falling to the lines and wrinkles that appear over time.

The next tip that Stewart provides is to manage stress. Stress is known as an aging agent, meaning that it has the power to speed up the aging process significantly. By managing stress, though, individuals can limit the impact that it has on their bodies and maintain their health both physically and mentally.

A professional from Ageless Rx states: “Stress can age people very quickly, as you can see by looking at pictures of people before and after they undergo an extremely stressful situation. For example, these before and after shots of presidents are common, as the presidency is an extremely stressful position to hold. But one of the reasons why stress is so damaging to the body is because it can distract you from taking care of yourself. Think about it. When you are stressed out, you are more likely to skip a trip to the gym, to forget to wash your face before bed, etc. This can lead to behaviors that can boost the aging process in addition to the damage that the stress, in and of itself, is already causing.”

The next tip that Stewart provides is to get enough sleep and, if insomnia develops, to refrain from over thinking the situation and to focus on relaxing. Many individuals think about how many hours of sleep they are losing and, as a result, lose more sleep. Unwinding with a cup of herbal tea, as Stewart recommends, may help individuals get the sleep they need to allow their body to restore itself after the stresses of the day, leading to a more youthful, refreshed look in the morning.

The final anti-aging tip that Stewart provides is to exercise. Physical fitness is an essential component of successful anti-aging practices, as it keeps the body in peak form and allows its many systems to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. The key, though, is to ensure that whatever activities an individual engages in are enjoyable. The professionals at Ageless Rx know that individuals will not continue to work out if they dread it. As such, people are encouraged to try different activities in order to find what they like most. Running, yoga, Pilates, gardening, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, and more can help individuals get their exercise while engaging in an activity that they love.

Ageless Rx Encourages Fractora for Anti-Aging Emergencies

While these are all wonderful tips for fighting the signs of aging, the professionals at Ageless Rx know that sometimes individuals need the assistance of medical professionals to smooth out lines and wrinkles. Fractora is a treatment option for resurfacing the skin that works on virtually every part of the body and provides individuals with immediate results. Basically, the system works by creating molecular collisions on the surface of the skin via radiofrequency energy. When this happens, fractional resurfacing takes place and the skin looks revived and rejuvenated. Many different conditions are addressed with this treatment, including wrinkles, loose skin, poor skin tone, scarring, and uneven skin texture.

The professionals at Ageless Rx encourage anyone who is interested to contact them today for more information regarding Fractora and other anti-aging treatment options.

Ageless Rx is a noted medispa located in Long Island, New York. The facility provides a wide range of services that are designed to address the concerns that clients have with their appearance. These services encompass non-surgical, laser, facial, skin, and cellulite treatments, such as hand rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, non-surgical brow, butt, face, and neck lifts, pore reduction, stretch mark removal, teeth whitening, skin tone correction, body contouring, callus removal, facial rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, acne reduction, skin tightening, skin analysis, wrinkle reduction, photo facials, laser hair removal, and more. The team at Ageless Rx comprises certified, licensed, and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing their clients with a high degree of support and information throughout the treatment process.

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