Texas Sen. Cruz shrugs off Canadian citizenship

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nra leadership forumCHARLES BABINGTON
Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) – Sen. Ted Cruz calls his renunciation of Canadian citizenship no big deal, even though questions about candidates’ birthplaces flared up in recent presidential elections.

The Texas Republican was born in Canada to a Cuban father and U.S.-born mother. His mother’s status allowed him to be a citizen of both the United States and Canada.

Previous foreign-born Americans have run for president without facing serious challenges to their eligibility. They include John McCain and George Romney.

President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. But “birthers” still say they believe he was born in Africa and is ineligible to be president. His mother, too, was born in America.

Cruz’s action suggests he’s seriously eyeing a presidential bid in 2016 and would like to settle the citizenship issue now.

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