Ashton Kutcher Loves Manicures

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The 32-year-old actor is famed for his tousled hair and unwashed appearance, but he is reportedly a closet “clean freak”. He is said to be “fanatical” about his personal hygiene, getting his feet and hands tended to more often than even his glamorous wife Demi Moore.

“Even though Ashton dresses scruffy, he’s a fanatical clean freak who showers several times a day, washes his hands incessantly, gets a mani-pedi twice a week,” the National Enquirer magazine reports. “Demi only gets hers done once a week!”

Ashton isn’t only fanatical about his personal grooming – he is also fussy about his clothes and car. He reportedly changes clothes several times a day and always keeps his car sparkling.

“He keeps multiple shirts on hand because he won’t wear one for an entire day and gets his car hand-washed daily,” the publication said.

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