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Home appliance warranties are becoming increasingly popular, explains American Residential Warranty, which is good because these warranties are vital to have in case appliances break down. With a warranty, people can get their appliances replaced or repaired with little cost, saving time and money. With these types of warranties, the customer only has to call a professional service provider, and they will take care of the rest. Many home appliance warranty companies have a list of providers that will work directly with that company’s warranty plan, which can save even more time.

American Residential Warranty states that more consumers are choosing to include warranties on their appliances. Appliances can be extremely expensive, especially ones such as high-end washers and dryers. It is important to protect these appliances, because if they break down they can cause problems for a family’s day-to-day living. For example, if a persons’ washing machine breaks down, they will not be able to do laundry at home. They will have to wait until it gets fixed or consider using a Laundromat.

Laundromats are not a good choice for many. Money is used in the machines, and that means it costs extra to do laundry, especially if the person has a washing machine at home. However, time is also a consideration when using the Laundromat. Many people refuse to leave their clothes for any period of time because clothing can be stolen, others may remove clothing to use the machine themselves, and more. This means that the person doing laundry has to stay at the facility the entire time. In many cases with home washing machines, someone can set the machine and perform other tasks, such as folding clothes, doing dishes or cleaning other rooms.

Another problem with Laundromats is that when the clothes are washed, they must be hurried home to dry. Leaving wet laundry for a long period of time can cause mold, odd smells, and extra wrinkles. Therefore, it is in the interest of those with a washing machine at home to purchase a warranty on the washing machine, says American Residential Warranty.

Purchasing a quality product is always important, as well. It does no good to purchase something that will break within a few months, such as inexpensive hand mixers. These are generally meant to be used a few times before breaking down, unless people purchase the more expensive brands. However, people tend not to think in terms of longevity of the product; they would rather have something inexpensive that can be used immediately. These people tend to need home appliance warranties more, because of their appliance choices. It should also be mentioned that those who purchase extremely expensive items will also have their products break or need replacing. No product is meant to last forever. This is where warranties come in, says American Residential Warranty.

American Residential Warranty Explains the Necessity of Using a Quality Company

Many people believe that warranties are one size fits all , says American Residential Warranty. However, not all warranty companies are alike; fortunately, there are warranty companies that are honest and provide decent service.American Residential Warranty vital

In most cases, there are rules that go along with the warranties themselves and many people either cannot understand these rules or just don’t pay attention to the restrictions on those warranties. It is important to find a warranty company that will take the time to explain their warranties, whether in person or over the phone. If an explanation is not automatically given, people should ask for an explanation. Any warranty company should be able and willing to provide this in terms people can understand. If not, seek out a different warranty company with which to do business.

It is also important to make sure the warranty company has service providers that are local. It can be very unnerving to need the warranty services and find out that there are no service providers available in a specific area. This can make it seem worthless. However, there are ways to stop this from happening. In most cases, people can simply ask the warranty company where their service providers are located and if someone would be able to get to their home. If a service provider is not located in their area, they can ask for alternatives. In many cases, service providers will travel for a small fee. If this is feasible, it is okay to work with that company; if not, it may be best to find a different warranty company.

American Residential Warranty also believes that warranty companies should provide great customer service. To them, this means having a human being answer the phone instead of an automated system, have representatives that can answer questions about the company, and has representatives that can handle the claims information. One simple call will be able to determine if the warranty company provides this or not. Appliances are expensive and should be cared for; when they break down, they should have a proper warranty with them, other than the manufacturer’s warranty, so they can be fixed with minimal problems, says American Residential Warranty.


American Residential Warranty (ARW) is a business that sells affordable home appliance warranties to consumers. ARW opened their company in Boca Raton, Florida, and have been in business since 2008.


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