Obamacare Website Problems Are Normal, Internet Mogul Zuckerberg Says


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The Obamacare website’s problems, mainly due to high traffic in its early days, have been loudly described ad infinitum as an indictment of the Affordable Healthcare Act wholesale — but one huge figure in internet business has pushed back against the idea the site was a “failure.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the iconic, be-hoodied man behind Facebook, was called upon to lambast the Obamacare website during a recent interview. Zuck, as he’s commonly known across the web, knows a thing or two about websites everyone has to use. And Facebook (despite a share of its own problems and scale issues) is a glowing model of web success, creating a captive audience of Everyone Who Is Alive With An Internet Connection.

Recently on This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Zuckerberg was asked a somewhat loaded question about whether Obamacare’s website woes were as bad as the media made them out to be. David Wright said to the young mogul:

“And there’s the program where the president himself admits the government blew it, big time. The troubled website, healthcare.gov. What advice would you have for the president on his poor website?”

Zuckerberg sagely opined:

“You know, sometimes stuff doesn’t work when you want it to. We’ve certainly had plenty of mistakes and things that haven’t worked the way that we want to. The right thing here is just to keep on focusing on building the service that you think is right in the long-term.”

Watch Zuckerberg on Obamacare in the embedded clip here.

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