Woman Seeks Facebook Reunion With Birth Mother



Facebook is many things to many people. It’s used for games, political rants, and cat pictures. Sometimes, it’s even actually used to connect with loved ones. And, for some, it’s a way to find those loved ones again.

Tonya Trimble hopes to be one of those success stories. She was adopted at birth, and is trying to find her birth mother. She keeps hitting dead ends, despite the support of her family, so she is turning to facebook to spread the wordt, and, hopefully, to make that lost connection and find her birth mother.

Her handwritten note, which has gotten over seventy thousand shares since it was uploaded at the beginning of November, and netted her many responses, a few false leads, some dead ends and some still hopeful, details the basics of her situation.

She knows that her birth mother’s name is Judy Lynn Teague, and that she was born in Tulsa Oklahoma in May of 1974. Her birth mother was about fifteen at the time, probably born between 1957 and 1959. She is told her birth father was 17 at the time. Tonya’s name at birth was Georgetta Teague.

She may have been born at a Salvation Army Home for Unwed Mothers, or at St. John’s hospital. She considers St. Johns a likely possibility since she was born prematurely.

If you think you may have any information for Tonya, she would like you to contact her through her facebook. If you can take the time to pass her note along and share her story, so that she can reach someone who does have information, please do so, and help Tonya reunite with her mother.

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