Seth MacFarlane Should Have Kept Brian Griffin Dead


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Brian Griffin has returned from the dead.

Family Guy freaked out its fans earlier this month by killing off one of the show’s most beloved characters: Brian the martini drinking dog.

Fans cried, tweeted angry messages, and even started a few petitions to get Seth MacFarlane to bring back Brian. Well, it looks like there has been a Christmas miracle because Brian Griffin is back from the dead.

MacFarlane took to Twitter last night to explain to fans that he never intended to kill of Brian for good. In fact, the Family Guy creator just wanted to teach his fans a valuable lesson…



Isn’t that sweet? Brian Griffin’s death taught us how to love again. It taught us never to take what we have for granted. It taught us that Seth MacFarlane will do just about anything for ratings bump.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t upset when Brian Griffin was killed on Family Guy. It was a stupid decision and his mafia mutt replacement was extremely annoying but it was something new for a show that had truly gotten a little stale. But this? This isn’t a Christmas miracle. This is just a lie disguised as a teaching moment. A marketing ploy dressed up as a creative decision.

Seth MacFarlane should have let Brian Griffin die. It still would have been a cheap ratings ploy but at least it would have been respectable. Even daring. But this… If there was ever a time to protest Family Guy, to turn the channel and boycott the show, this would be the time.

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