Chris Christie Zaps Reporter At Press Conference

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A news reporter asked Chris Christie  at a press conference today if he wasn’t perhaps being a bit confrontational. He called the reporter “the thinnest skinned guy in America,” adding “You should see me when I really get pissed.” It was great drama. Christie was right out front about his goals. He left no doubt about his opinions. He made no apologies for keeping his campaign promises of cutting the budget and working for smaller government.

When Christie runs for  reelection, there will be no question of where he stood when he was in  office. That is how you have a political debate, when opposing sides label their ideas honestly. That is why people are e mailing each other this video and urging them to watch it. Even if you disagree with Christie, it’s good drama.

Back in 1976, Nelson Rockefeller was being heckled by demonstrators who gave him the finger. He gave the finger right back. It was a cameo moment. Chris Christie’s speech was like that today.

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