Marnie Resnick Reveals Unexpected Baking Trends From 2013

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 Marnie Resnick is a passionate and avid baker who stays abreast of the changes that emerge and develop in the industry throughout the years. She notes that 2013 was a particularly exciting year, both for amateur and professional bakers alike. Some of the most unique and innovative trends that she saw come to light in 2013 include:

Peek-a-boo cakes

 These cakes look just like any normal confection from the outside, but slice into them and it is a totally different story. Once cut into the cake and a person is greeted with vibrant colors and multiple layers. Some bakers even get creative and add hearts or other design elements. Edible color-coding is another favorite option, as bakers outfit their sweet treats with layers of pink and yellow, blue and white, and other combinations. These cakes are perfect for weddings, kids’ birthday parties, and other festive occasions.

The best way to execute the peek-a-book cake is by keeping the outside of the treat simple. This lets the highly decorated inside spongy layers really shine through, as it stands out even more against the plain outside of the cake.

At the same time, colorful layer cakes have also become a favorite of bakers. They experimented with rainbow layers, various shades of pink or purple, and other color patterns. This approach to cake baking is a cheerful way to mix things up.


 This item is no longer just a campfire staple. In fact, some of the fanciest restaurants around the world have begun to incorporate marshmallows as part of their after-dinner fare. Yet, these marshmallows are not of the traditional white, jumbo variety. They are highly gourmet. Creative types have made black currant, saffron, and beetroot marshmallows, with taste that is as unique as their light purple or yellow color. Getting creative with marshmallows was a trend that began in 2013, and is one that is expected to continue into the year ahead.

Zebra cakes

 Similar to the marble cakes of years past, zebra cakes became increasingly popular in 2013. A careful hand allows for a delightful stripy sponge with endless flavor and color possibilities. The key to making a zebra cake work lies in the batters. They must be similar in consistency in order to blend and form that zebra-like stripe; otherwise, the finished product will not work. If food coloring changes the consistency of one kind of batter and not the other, the baker can thicken it with a tablespoon of flour. They can also add a dash of milk to the other one. With a little trial and error, these cakes are an easy and fun way to liven up a traditional treat.

 Marnie Resnick On the Return of Éclairs

Marnie Resnick discusses eclairsMarnie Resnick explains that each year brings a hot new trend in baking. In years past it was cupcakes, but now it seems that éclairs are taking the baking world by storm. However, these éclairs are not the traditional black and white items that were popular in the ‘90s. These new éclairs come in a variety of jewel tones, and are decked out with fondant icing that is enhanced with food coloring.

Additionally, chefs are enjoying themselves as they experiment with the filling inside the pastry too. Many people are swapping out the traditional cream filling in favor of more exotic tastes, including hazelnut, almond extract, coffee, or cocoa. This adds an unexpected twist to éclairs, making these delicious desserts even more delicious to eat.

The rising popularity of doughnuts

 Marnie Resnick disucces the comeback of doughnutsWhat was once just an easy breakfast option has become elevated in 2013. The traditional doughnut has now taken an artisan twist. Restaurants have taken to serving unique flavors like bacon doughnuts, and have stuffed them with fillings like chocolate custard, fruit, and marmalade. What was once a cheap and not-so-elegant option has become something completely different in 2013.

Generalized baking trends

 There were a few trends that were present in desserts of all shapes and sizes over the past year, including the ombre color trend. What began on women’s hair has since spread to desserts. The ombre effect essentially refers to graduate color that moves from light to dark or vice versa.

While a person may need a professional hair stylist to see the ombre effect work on their strands, it is much easier to add some ombre to a sweet treat. It simply requires care and attention when mixing the food coloring. Ombre works especially well with cheesecake.

Salted caramel also stole the show this year, and appeared in ice cream, chocolates, brownies, and cakes. The salty and sweet trend was a favorite all over the world, with many baking experts expecting it to stick around in the long run.

With baking trends evolving so frequently throughout the course of the year, baking enthusiasts wait anxiously to see what kinds of new ideas will emerge throughout the course of 2014.



Ms. Resnick is a well-regarded passionate baker and entrepreneur who created Annie Pies Bakery in 1991 alongside her mother. They successfully sold the business, though Resnick continues to work for the company as the Florida territory manager. Marnie Resnick has received plenty of accolades for her baking abilities over the course of her career.

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