Government Stealing Business Ideas: Small businesses cry foul

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They stole all my stuff and used tax payer money to do it,” these are sentiments as expressed by John Hnatio who is a Maryland based business owner. He argues that the US government has taken on the habit of stealing ideas from small business owners and then using these ideas to make big money for them.

According to Hnatio, the US government has almost put his company, FoodquestTQ out of business. This is after the government allegedly stole his company’s software and then used the same piece of software to design a tool that would be used by the Food and Drug Administration for purposes of monitoring food safety.

Hnatio argues that the FDA stole his idea, went ahead to plagiarize his doctoral dissertation which had a patent on it and then infringed on the same patent. The result of all those actions left his business in tatters and as per now, he does not know where his business is headed to. Moreover, this state has forced him to fire almost all of his employees and even the three that are remaining including himself are not being paid any salary. In fact, they have all been forced to apply for unemployment insurance.

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