Google Glass Receives Its Biggest Update Yet

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Google Glass

Google Glass is still only available to early adopters willing to shell out $1500, and today received several major features right in time for the holidays. The Official Google Glass page shared the details, and has added some of users “most popular requests.”

  • Lockscreen – Similar to your smartphone, Google Glass now has a lockscreen to prevent unauthorized use. It can be unlocked using a set combination of taps or swipes, and you can enable the lockscreen under Settings.
  • Hangouts – Hangouts, formerly Google Talk, has been integrated into Glass. You can view/respond to messages, start a group chat, send photos or videos and much more.
  • Upload to YouTube – Now when you finish recording a video, you can swipe to share to YouTube or use the command, “OK, Glass, share with YouTube.”
  • Wink – Thanks to special sensors, Google Glass users can now wink to snap a photo. The wink feature is turned off by default, and can be accessed in Settings.
  • Google Play Music – Play Music support was added in early December, and now All Access subscribers can switch between playlists or radio stations.
  • iOS App – While the MyGlass app did make its way to the App Store today, it was quickly taken down. Google says it “spilled the beans a bit too soon,” and will let users know later this week when the app will be available.

Google Glass was originally slated to hit consumers by the end of 2013, but that’s been pushed back to sometime in 2014 as Google further improves the next-generation wearable device.

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