Masih ad-Dajjal, The Muslim Antichrist, Reportedly Born In Tel Aviv [Video]



The Antichrist has been born, according to a video being passed around on Arab social media.

The Firas Press reports that a baby born in Tel Aviv bears distinct features of the Islamic “Dajjal” (basically, their version of the Biblical Antichrist). The baby has one eye, no nose, and comes from Israel, thus is must be evil, seems to be the argument from reputed “Muslim experts” who explain how the newborn fits the characteristics of the Koranic false prophet.

Though the video has seen thousands of hits and shares in the Arab world, there are a few problems with the narrative.

First and foremost is that the physical features of the Koranic Dajjal don’t necessarily fit here. The Dajjal does have two eyes, though there are various descriptions of their placement and function on his face. Prominently, the right eye is said to be blind and bulging out like a grape. But there are still two.

The Jewish Press reports that a member of the Islamic Research Academy has also cast doubt on the baby’s role as the Dajjal. Primarily because the return of Jesus Christ comes first. That would presumably be something we’d notice.

“The Antichrist will not appear until after the return of Jesus, peace be upon him,” Dr. Mohammed Shahat said. “There is no religious basis to confirm that the baby is the Antichrist who said he described in sacred books.”

The final kicker? The video of the one-eyed baby is actually a few years old. The poor little guy was actually born in Bolivia in 2008.

In other news, Google Translate is getting better.

“And does not appear quack for people to forget the people that he will appear or quack quack forget the tale of a fully God and science.”

Well said, YouTube commenter. Very well said.

Check out the Tel Aviv Antichrist below:

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