Swedish Cartoonist Who Drew Muhammad Has House Nearly Burnt Down


Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, the man who depicted Muhammad in a drawing and saw a jihad announced on his life, had his home attacked last night.

According to police, witnesses called in the attack and several bottles were found where windows had been smashed, luckily the fire that was the main focus of the attack failed to fully catch.

According to a police spokeswoman:

“The damage is rather minor; part of the front is blackened and some windows were broken.”

The attempted arson occurred when Vilks was not at home and nobody was injured with only minor damage to the home.

According to his statement to the Deutsch Welle “Probably I can’t live there anymore.”

It hasn’t been the best week for Vilks, a few days ago he was head-butted while giving a lecture.

This may hamper my attempts at creating my new comic book in which Muhammad wrestles Jesus, while Buddah referees.

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