Reggie Bush Says Lions Lack Discipline



Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush is saying that his team lacks discipline.

Bush said Wednesday that the team’s “lack of discipline” has hurt the Lions’ chances of a playoff birth, after a span in which the team lost four of five games.

“It could be from penalties or it could be from turnovers or it could be from how we finished the games in fourth quarters.  It’s not one specific play or moment in a game. It’s the total game. It’s how we play,” Bush said.

Bush went on to say that the discipline problems do not fall on coach Jim Schwartz, whom he called a “disciplinarian.”  Instead, Bush suggested that the problem lies with the players.

“It’s not a coaches’ thing. It’s a players’ thing. We can do a better job all across the board,” Bush said. “As far as an offense standpoint, turn the ball over and that’s the discipline issue, and that’s something we have to correct, because obviously, as you see, it’ll lose you games.”

“Those are physical errors on guys with the jerseys on. So I’m not going to sit there and say coaching needs to be better or Jim needs to do a better job. It’s plain and simple. It’s plays we need to make as a team, and we haven’t made those plays. So people are going to find someone to blame, and if they want to blame somebody, blame me, blame us. I’m good with that.”

These words are coming from a man that has 25 career fumbles, including two back-to-back years with four fumbles for the Miami Dolphins in 2011 and 2012.  In  2007, Bush ended with a whopping seven fumbles for the New Orleans Saints.  He already has four fumbles this year.  It’s clear that Bush should spend more time focusing on not dropping the ball than weighing in on the Lions’ discipline.

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