Airbnb Adds 250,000 Properties, Over 6 Million Guests In 2013

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Airbnb enables anyone to rent out their apartment or home, and today the company announced it added over six million new guests in 2013. Since launching in 2007, over 10 million people have used the online-based service. Back in October, Airbnb said it had over nine million guests, and in the past two months, has added around one million new guests.

Worldwide, there are 550,000 properties listed, and nearly half or 250,000 have been added in 2013 alone. The properties are spread across 192 countries, and comprise of some 350,000 hosts. This past summer, 175,000 users stayed at properties, and according to Airbnb, it expects 250,000 guests on New Year’s Eve.

Last month, Airbnb launched a significant update to its Android and iOS app, adding an improved design and better tools for hosts. According to VP of Engineering Mike Curtis, 56 percent of users check the app while traveling.

From VentureBeat:

Airbnb has experienced the kind of growth that entrepreneurs and VCs drool over. It completely disrupted the way people think of travel accommodation and managed to create a genuine community around its marketplace — although not without regulatory battles.

Airbnb has raised over $320 million to date, and back in September, added Founder of Joie de Vivre Chip Conley as its Head of Global Hospitality.

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