Zimmerman Painting Sells for Over $100k

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George Zimmerman, who became a conservative hero and liberal villain after an incident in which he followed and shot to death Trayvon Martin, has been in the spotlight again and again since.

He was touted as a hero who pulled a family from a burning vehicle, until discrepancies in the story made it suspicious. His speeding ticket made national news. He has been twice accused in domestic violence cases. Only weeks ago, his girlfriend requested that charges she had brought against him be dropped.

And now, it seems, he is an artist, whose work has sold for over $100,000 on ebay.

The painting is of a waving American flag, painted in shades of blue and emblazoned with the words

God, one nation with Liberty and Justice for all

The final bid was $100,0099.99

Zimmerman’s lawyer explains,

“unfairly, he has not been gainfully employed of late and he’s utilizing his talent to make some money.”

Is it talent, though?

Not according to art critic Jerry Saltz. He calls the painting “simpleton, [a] copy, quasi-psychotic.”

Why would anyone bid on it? Saltz says:

[They] think that George Zimmerman is a cause. They’re not buying this work of art. They’re buying the idea that George Zimmerman, a person that, in my opinion, got away with a crime, is worthy of supporting.”

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