Leon Drogy Offers Tips for Planning a Newark, New Jersey Wedding


Caterer Leon Drogy knows how difficult it can be for couples to make decisions about their upcoming nuptials. However, one of the few things that most couples decide on right away is where they want to plan the happy event. Newark, New Jersey is a wonderful place for a wedding.

Why Choose Newark?

Newark is becoming an increasingly popular city for weddings. One of the biggest benefits of Newark is that it is a much more cost-effective alternative to holding a wedding in one of the bigger cities in the area.

The city offers numerous opportunities for couples, whether they want to get married on the beach or they want to hold a lavish affair in the grand ballroom of the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel, where Drogy holds a newly appointed position as catering director. However difficult making decisions about the wedding can be, there are many things that couples should keep in mind in order to make their event special.

Whether couples are Newark natives, or they make their home in any other nearby area, it can provide them with a number of great options for a beautiful wedding that won’t break the bank.

Decide on the Atmosphere Early On

The wedding’s atmosphere is one of the most important things to decide on, and decisions should generally be made early on – before couples even begin to think of things like colors, themes, and flower arrangements.

A wedding can be formal, casual, or it can be something in between the two. However, it should ultimately reflect the tastes and attitudes of both the bride and the groom. The wedding itself should be a celebration of the life that the couple plans to spend together.

Determining the Location of the Ceremony and Reception

Not every wedding will have the ceremony and reception in the same place. Often, individuals will choose a traditional church wedding, and opt for something a little more fun and exciting for the reception. Many couples that can’t decide on a single atmosphere for the occasion may opt for something more casual for the ceremony and something more elegant for the reception, or vice versa.

The first order of business for any couples is determining whether or not they want the ceremony and reception to be at the same venue. One thing should keep in mind that their favored venue for the ceremony might not offer the same accommodations in terms of catering, while venues dedicating to weddings and other large events are usually more than equipped for both.

Choosing the “Off Season” to Cut Costs

Spring and summer are traditionally known as wedding season. This is a particularly popular time of year for weddings in Newark, as the city is in in full bloom at that time of year. However, the winter months can be a great option for a more cost-effective wedding, as couples can usually get discounts on their venues.

Those who do want a spring or summer wedding can still manage to cut costs by planning their wedding on an “off-day”. It can be a good idea for couples to consult with the venues that they have chosen in order to determine ways that they can get a great deal on their venue.

Leon Drogy’s Wedding Catering Tips for Newark, New Jersey Couples

Among the most important things for couples to consider when planning a wedding, wherever it will be taking place, is the food that they will serve. Catering is absolutely the best option for most couples, whether they favor casual dining for their wedding or they are looking for a formal dinner. There are many tips that couples can keep in mind when planning the food for their wedding.  Leon Drogy offers wedding planning tips for Newark, New Jersey

Finding the Caterer

The caterer that a couple chooses for their wedding should be attentive to their needs, above all else. The couple should have the option to meet with their caterer well in advance of the event to discuss the types of foods that they want, as well as any special considerations that must be made, such as having a vegetarian menu option.

Choosing the Right Foods

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about Newark, New Jersey and the surrounding area is the incredible amount of diversity the city has to bring. As such, many weddings are celebrations of cultural diversity, and that is something that can be reflected in the foods that the couples choose.

Whether they are interested in traditional, all-American foods, they wish to have Indian cuisine, or they want some combination of different cultural food favorites, Leon Drogy says a quality caterer can work with the couple to ensure that they have the right foods available to make the occasion memorable for their guests.  A catering experience can often add value to an event if it is properly executed.



Leon Drogy got his start in the catering business at a young age. After going to work with his parents at their business after college, he went to work for numerous other catering options, spending ten years at the famous Tavern on the Green, developing a solid career history.  Leon Drogy recently became the catering director for the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel, an 11-ballroom venue with a grand ballroom that seats up to 1500.




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