Boy Scouts To Allow Gay Members Starting Jan 1st

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Boy Scouts to Admit Gay Youth

The Boy Scouts of America has always refused those members and leaders who are gay, but as of January first, that will no longer be quite the case.

The official stance is that the national group will no longer deny membership to openly gay boys. Individual troops may still deny membership, though.

Gay leaders will still be forbidden, and so will members and leaders alike who don’t profess a belief in God.

A number of people are angry over the organization’s choice to be somewhat more inclusive.

There’s even a new national scouting group, Trail Life USA, that calls itself a ‘Christian alternative’ to the BSA.

The group announced recently that it had nearly 500 members signed up.

Others still feel the change doesn’t go far enough.

Scouts For Equality says it’s just a start.

The group says many supporters, including the farm supply company Caterpillar. tech company Intel, and political figures, including Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, who support the BSA becoming more, rather than less, inclusive in years to come.

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