Utah Father: Ex ‘Essentially Kidnapped’ Son By Placing For Adoption


Utah Father Says Ex 'Essentially Kidnapped' Baby By Giving Up For Adoption

Jake Strickland of Utah is filing a lawsuit against the birth mother of his biological child, saying that by giving up the infant for adoption, she stripped him of parental rights.

The couple met in 2009, and the child was born in December of 2010, but by then, his biological parents were no longer seeing one another. The day after his birth, the child was surrendered for adoption.

Now, his father wants him back, and is fighting for paternity rights, and suing the mother for $130 million for her role in giving the child up.

Unfortunately for Dad, Utah law is not on his side.

Since he didn’t file papers claiming paternity before the baby boy was given up, his claims to paternity are an uphill battle.

Furthermore, the child’s birth mother, Whitney Petersson Demke, was still legally married to another man at the time of the birth.

By Utah law, that makes her husband the legal father of the child, by default, and thus gives him the right to sign custody away in the adoption case.

Strickland has also started a website, GetBabyJackBack.com, to spread his side of the story and attempt to gain support.

Petersson has made no public statement in the matter, nor has LDS Family Services, which handled the adoption arrangements.

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