Dan Rather Did Heroin Once … For ‘The Story’ [Video]


dan rather heroin

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather did heroin once.

That the iconic American journalist once dabbled in the illicit substance a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away is hardly new information, but he regaled Andy Cohen with the whole story yesterday on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live! anyway.

Rather, 82, explained that in 1955 he tried a single dose of heroin in a police station under supervision by the authorities. He wrote about his experience, and never touched the stuff again. You read that right. Dan Rather used to be such a hardcore journalist that he tried one of the most dangerous drugs this side of Krokodil just for the story.

He characterized the high he experienced as “otherworldly,” but also said that coming down gave him “a hell of a headache” with a laugh, which is probably the most modest and reductive case for staying away from drugs we’ve ever heard.

Rather continued that it was the “one and only time” he ever touched the stuff.

Check out Rather’s heroin confession below, via Hulu:

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