Mom Of Swearing Toddler From ‘Thug Cycle’ Video Speaks Out


A swearing toddler who was seen (and heard) spouting obscene language in a video posted on a police union website in Omaha has been removed from his home, along with three other minors. In the video, two or more adults seem to be encouraging the child to cuss, claim gang affiliation, and otherwise use expressions and gestures generally considered obscene and socially unacceptable.

The story broke when, as discussed in the video above,Omaha’s Police Union website came under fire for posting the video and suggesting that it outlined the child’s fate as a criminal.

Shortly after, the child and three others were reported removed from the home.

In an interview with CNN, the child’s mother speaks out about the incident. She says it was her brother’s friend who took the video, implying that the brother and friend were the ones prompting the language as well. She says that she does not allow her child to speak that way, and that she was in another room when the video was recorded, and condemns the act of taking and posting the video online.

The mother also says that the only thing relevant to her child’s care in the video is that the diaper is clean, the house is clean, and there is nothing in the video to indicate her child is unsafe.

All of this is true- in the video, the child appears to be wearing a clean diaper, standing in a clean kitchen, and certainly shows no signs of physical harm.

So, why the removal?

It turns out that it isn’t related to the video at all.

The juveniles, including the toddler and his mother, who is under 18 herself, were removed from the home due to danger from gang violence.

The family has been monitored by Health and Human Services since June, due to other incidents. This is also not the first time the children have been relocated. CNN cites a neglect allegation in June that started the monitoring, one in October in which a bullet from a drive-by shooting entered the home, grazing the foot of a child, and a December raid of the home, resulting in the arrest of the toddler’s grandmother on weapons charges, along with 14 other people.

We can hope the boy and his mother will be placed in a safer situation after this.

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