‘Kari’s Law’ Petition Seeks To Make 911 Dialing Easier


E911 systems avoid the need to dial 9 first to get an outside line when calling 911.

Do your children know to dial 911 in an emergency? Do they know that some phones require them to take additional actions to do so, such as pressing 9 for an outside line?

Kari Dunn’s nine-year-old daughter knew to dial 911, but didn’t know that the phone in the hotel room where she was supposed to meet her father for a visit required her to press 9 first. If she had known, or if that impediment to her dialing hadn’t been in place, help might have been reached sooner for her dying mother.

Dunn had taken the nine-year-old and two younger children to the hotel room to meet with their father for a visit. When he showed up, Dunn’s estranged husband cornered her in the bathroom and proceeded to stab her multiple times. The oldest child repeatedly attempted to call 911 to save her mother, but, not knowing to dial 9 first, got only static. Assistance was finally reached when the children ran into the hall and got another guest to call emergency services.

Now Kari’s father, Hank Hunt, is fighting for legislation that would ensure that dialing 911 would bypass the need to press a button for an outside line, in any hotel or business that normally requires it. He’s calling it ‘Kari’s Law’.

His petition on change.org pleas for all motels and hotels to upgrade phone systems to an E911 system, which would allow 911 to connect directly to a 911 operator, without need for selecting an outside line, and provides the 911 operator with the business name and address, as well as room number, automatically.

Hunt hopes that the legislation, if passed, could save lives in situations like the one in which his three grandchildren lost their mother.

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