Loretta Fuddy’s Hawaii Plane Crash Footage Released, No Conspiracy Theories Yet [Video]


hawaii plane crash

Harrowing footage of last month’s plane crash that killed Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaii DOH best known for releasing President Obama’s birth certificate to the public in 2011, was aired this week by ABC News.

The footage was taken from inside the Makani Kai Air Cessna by passenger Ferdinand Puentes on his GoPro camera. As the engine stalled off the coast, Puentes managed to capture the terrifying water landing and escape of the passengers on board.

Though Fuddy, 65, cannot be seen in the footage, she reportedly managed to escape the plane with a life vest on. She died in the waters while holding hands with her deputy, Keith Yamamoto, of an as-yet unknown cause. Some have speculated that a heart attack was the most likely cause of death.

She was the sole victim of the crash.

While the National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating what caused the plane to go down, they said that the craft’s single engine failed shortly after it took off.

The handful of unanswered questions surrounding the incident have reinvigorated the “birther” base, who believe that President Obama was born outside of the United States and that official documents suggesting otherwise are forgeries. Fuddy was the central figure in the release of the president’s “long-form” birth certificate in 2011, and said at the time that other state records confirmed that he was born in Hawaii.

Birthers have since claimed that her death was just a matter of “tying up loose ends” for the Obama administration and that “anyone with any connection to Obama or his background has a tendency to have a ‘shortened’ life span.”

Of course, if you’re going to kill someone in a political hit, there are easier ways to do it than staging a plane crash that most of the passengers end up walking away from. Just a thought, birthers.

Check out the amazing footage of the Hawaii plane crash below, via ABC:

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